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Here at Laser Cut we like to always have goals to shoot for everyday as we provide Landscaping and Lawn Care in Arnold MD.  We begin the year by looking for all the problems we see coming and this season it looks like weeds will be a massive issue in 2017. Arnold and most other cities south of Annapolis were not hit with any significant snow accumulation or super cool temperatures which normally help suppress weeds, unfortunately this is not the case this season. Good news Laser Cut has all the proper tools and knowledge to combat this issue with natural remedies. Also everyone is looking at bare patches in their lawns, this is common this time of year and there are a number of ways to address this issue. Another great simple tip is to take a minute and look up, do you have a lot of trees? Could you remove some branches and let more light in? This a major piece of the puzzle that gets over looked all the time and as the leader in Landscape and Lawn Care in Arnold zip codes 21012, 21146  Laser Cut wants to make sure you know and understand all the intricacies that we look at every time we step foot on a property.

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Dec 8th, 2017

Landscape Lighting,

Our landscapers in Arnold know that a cost effective upgrade to any great landscaping project is lighting. Just like the lighting used inside your home, outdoor lights can be used in a variety of ways. With such an array of lighting options it can be hard to figure out what’s best for your project. That’s where we can step in. There are certain lights that are made for specific purposes. To determine which is best for your home think about what your goals are. Are you looking to accentuate certain spots of your house? Do you want to brighten up the whole exterior? Maybe you just want some added security.

By discussing these goals with one of our Arnold landscapers he or she can help you decide what lighting methods are best and, from there, narrow down your fixture options. In addition to providing advice on which lights may be better, our landscapers can determine the best placement for your new fixtures and then install them for you. There have been great advances in landscape lighting. Running costs are amazingly low, lights lifespan have greatly improved. Landscape lighting is available to more people than ever before. Since our business opened in 2001 we have streamlined the process to make it as simple as possible for our customers, so they can worry less and enjoy their space more. Whether you’re looking to have landscaping lights installed for safety, appearances, or a stunning first impression, call today for a Free estimate from our Arnold landscapers(410) 216-7825

Landscaping Company Arnold for Landscape Lighting

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Dec 1st, 2017

Parking Space, Plant Beds, Hardscaping, Retaining Walls,

Using retaining walls to create raised plant beds is great for landscape appeal and is full of benefits for your garden. Since we double as Arnold landscapers and hardscapers we can work with you to figure out what types are plants are best for your home’s conditions, the ideal placement of your new gardens, and then we can execute the set up. Retaining walls are great options for people looking to increase usable space and for low maintenance gardens. They help to keep all your plants contained, meaning you don’t have to worry about edging your garden as often. The retaining walls give everything a clean look. The raised beds also help to protect your plants. The added height can make them eye catching and bring curb appeal. Our Arnold landscapers know that when everything is raised and out of the way it also lessens the chance of your plants getting stepped on by guests. Retaining walls are also perfect for smaller yards. Gardens can be stacked, so that they use up vertical space. This allows you to still grow all the plants you want, but without taking up any additional lawn room. It also adds some variety to the layout of your yard and creates a unique focal point. Building retaining walls for visual, functional, parking, plant beds or gardens is just one of the many services we offer. To find out what’s best for your yard talk with one of our Arnold landscapers today.  (410) 216-7825

Landscapes in Arnold Maryland

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Nov 24th, 2017

Hardscaping, Retaining Walls, Place for a Fireplace

When some people hear “landscapers in Arnold” they may think that means our services only cover lawn care, plant beds, trees, trimming, edging, gardening ro cutting the grass. If so, they’d be missing out on the great hardscaping options that our company offers as well. One addition we’ve had a lot of requests for recently is hardscaping like patios for firepits or fireplaces for backyards. These are a perfect solution for any family looking to enter into the world of hardscaping. They’re a great option that not only looks good, but is also practical. Firepits and fireplaces instantly elevate the area and provide you with the perfect enjoyment to spend more time outside. In addition to these options, our landscapers in Arnold can also do more construction around the structure to enhance the area further. We often see homeowners requesting retaining walls to be built to act as additional seating, as well as having structures built to store extra wood. Hardscaping can also be used to create unique spaces that increase home value, makes a great first impression and eye catching curb appeal. These are all great ideas for families who are looking to use the area to entertain and need more room for serving and eating. For both practical and aesthetic purposes homeowners also request the installation of outdoor lighting so that spaces can be used at night. To get started on your outdoor party space talk with our Arnold landscapers today for a free estimate. (410) 216-7825

Landscapers for Hardscaping in Arnold MD

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Nov 17th, 2017

Decks, Patios, Backyards

It may be fall, but there is no better time than now to start thinking about ways to amp up your backyard. By working with one of our landscapers in Arnold you can design a deck that is the perfect backyard spot for you and your family. After servicing the community for over sixteen years we have been a part of many backyard landscaping projects and have worked with a variety of homes. This means we have the knowledge and skills to conquer most any idea you may have. Our Arnold landscapers can work with you to build a deck that fits your needs and the space of your backyard. Decks are a great way to extend the amount of available space in your yard, creating the perfect outdoor entertaining area. They provide you with more options on how to enjoy your backyard and add more interest to your lawn. With the addition of a deck you will inevitably be planning to spend more time outdoors. Make sure your yard is looking its best by talking to an employee about our turf restoration and sod service because a deck and a great looking lawn are the perfect pair when it comes to backyard entertaining. If you’re thinking about adding a deck to your home, or looking to have any other landscaping work done, then call our Arnold landscapers today for a free estimate (410) 216-7825

Arnold Landscapers decks

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Nov 10th, 2017

Trees Shrubs Pruning & Mulch

Trees and shrubs are prominent components of any botanical landscape in Arnold Maryland, which is why it is important that these elements are healthy and always looking their best. Picking up on any changes in your plants’ health can be difficult. We have developed a keen eye to spot any abnormalities among your landscape. A quick consultation with one of our skilled landscapers in Arnold can keep you informed about any possible issues with your trees. We don’t just identify problems and leave you to find the answer, we are the landscaping solution, which is why we provide pest and disease control, as well as fungicide treatments. An insect free shrub not only creates a happier plant, but stops the spread of unwanted guests inhabiting other areas of the yard. Besides disease prevention, we also offer pruning and trimming services. After 16 years of working in lawn care in Arnold we know the best way to trim a tree, taking off only what needs to be cut, keeping the tree’s structural integrity.  Handling the situation yourself could lead to a miscut, which can be detrimental to the shrub and leave you with a landscape that isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing. Keeping your trees and shrubs well maintained helps future growth and increases the longevity of your plants.  Give us a call for a dependable landscapers in Arnold MD. (410) 216-7825

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Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Nov 3rd, 2017

Fall Trimming, Edging, Mulch & Hardscape Design

Before the first frost of winter make an appointment with us so we can take the final steps to prep your landscape in Arnold Maryland, for the months ahead. Cleaning up yard waste and doing some trimming will not only make your house look better now, but will also lessen the amount of lawn care and yard chores that are needed in the spring. During the winter the last thing on your mind will be lawn maintenance, which is why now is a fitting time to schedule our fall clean up service. Our services cover every aspect of the yard. The biggest task is scaling everything back. Shrubs are trimmed and dead limbs are removed. By doing this our Arnold Landscapers are prepping plants to better withstand the upcoming snowfalls. Dead plants can also become breeding grounds for pests, so by removing them we’re also removing the chance of any possible bug issues. When it comes to your garden, plant beds and flower gardens, we revive the mulch with a quick raking and pick up any yard waste that may have collected over the season. Hardscaping projects are great this time of year.  Patios, Walkways and retaining Walls will make your landscaping a more efficient use of your space. Don’t make yourself do all of these yard chores, we have decades of combined experience that our landscapers in Arnold want to put to use in order to make your life easier.

Landscapers Arnold MD for Hardscaping


Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Oct 27th, 2017

Fall Clean Up, Mulch & Landscape Design

Our lawn care are getting to see the flora and fauna as we landscape in Arnold Maryland. With winter approaching it is time to start thinking how you’re going to help your plants better combat the cold. While you can stay inside as the temperature starts dropping, some of your plants cannot. Because of this, as experienced landscapers in Arnold, we recommend using our mulching services. Mulching a yard is no easy feat, which is why we encourage you to leave this tedious task to our team of qualified professionals. The biggest thing mulching does is protect plants, not only from the temperature and help hold moisture, but also from weeds. Mulch holds in heat, while keeping out the cold air, providing your gardens with a layer insulation that can be crucial to their survival throughout the winter. Mulch also guards against weeds. As landscapers in Arnold we see mulching and fall cleanup as a way to save money and be prepared for less cost in the spring.  Mulch provides a barrier that makes it more difficult for unwanted greenery to sprout through, giving your garden a cleaner look while retaining more moisture than bare ground. Besides being protective, mulch helps to add to your curb appeal, add this to landscape lighting and you have a tremendous lawn care result for the fall and winter in Arnold Maryland. When applied correctly it gives gardens a more finished look and, depending on the type of mulch used, it is a great way to add fresh color to your yard. As you transition your lawn for the end of the year consider using us for mulching, as well as for landscaping and landscape design in Arnold. We can create the perfect fall and winter landscape for your home, helping to choose the best plants for the upcoming months. Call today for a free estimate on our Fall cleanup and your fall mulching project.

Landscapers in Arnold MD Fall Cleanup

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Oct 20th, 2017

Seeding, Aerating, Fertilizing Landscape Maintenance

While spring may seem like forever from now there’s no better time to start thinking about your future lawn than in the fall, as landscapers in Arnold we are planning.  The biggest thing you can do to have a lush landscape once the months start warming up again is to seed, aerate, and fertilize. These three things are the trifecta of lawncare. Aeration helps open up your lawn, making it easier for seeds to take root and fertilizer to spread. These processes are crucial steps when it comes to ensuring a green lawn for the springtime. This is why we recommend that you make an appointment with us, so we can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. Before your consultation consider what your landscape goals are for next year. Are you trying to regrow certain patches or are you looking to preserve your lawn’s current appearance? When it comes to creating a green lawn, having a specific objective in mind can help us to better figure out the best plan of action. Our lawn expertise expands beyond these three steps, which is why we encourage you to also check out our other lawn maintenance services as well. Not only can we can grow a healthy lawn, but we can also help you to maintain that curb appeal with our weeding, mowing, and edging services. You want your yard to look great and so do we, so to set your lawn up for success make an appointment with our trusted landscapers in Arnold MD.

Lawn care landscapers in Arnold MD

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Oct 13th, 2017

Flower and Plant Beds Landscape Design

Being landscapers in Arnold we get many questions about landscape design, colors, size and shape of plant and flower beds when cutting grass, stone and mulch installs and landscape lighting.  The changing of the leaves and season is the perfect time to bring some changes to your flower beds as well. Bring fall colors to your landscape by planting autumn flowers in bright reds and oranges. Adding new blooms to your plant and flower beds is an easy way to give your home fall curb appeal. A quintessential variety of autumn flowers are chrysanthemums, also known as mums. Mums come in many warm toned colors that are perfect for fall. While buying chrysanthemums from a local nursery or pumpkin patch is an easy way to bring fall to your home, take note that planting this flower variety in the fall is not ideal. Even though they will look nice throughout the season, mums planted during this time will most likely not live through the winter. Chrysanthemums are best planted in the spring. Along with mums, sumac and pansies are also great fall flowers. The state flower, Black-eyed Susans, are another option for your autumn garden.  Proper planning with an experience Arnold landscaper for landscape design can save money and time with flower beds.  These flowers are in season from the summer to early winter, meaning you can enjoy their blooms for months to come. Fall is also the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. Maple varieties, like sugar, red, and Japanese, look great in any autumn landscape. Autumn is also an opportune time to add some new vegetables to your garden. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, and spinach are some of the varieties that do best when planted towards the end of summer and during early fall. When taking care of your fall plants make sure to keep up regular waterings until the ground freezes. Plants should receive about an inch of water per week.  As Landscapers in Arnold MD we can help with your leaf raking, aeration, tree and shrub pruning, grass cutting and as featured in the this job of the week plant beds to help with all your lawn care needs in Arnold.

lawn care and landscape in Arnold Maryland

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Oct 6th, 2017

Grass Cutting Lawn Mowing

The hummingbirds sightings by Landscapers in Arnold have been far and few between this week.  Many sources say to leave feeders up a few more weeks to help any of the last of the birds travelling through on their migration South.  Healthy flower and plant beds are still blooming and providing natural feed for them as well.  We’ve planted quite a few this year and added mulch and stone to complete the installation.  Knowing when and where to use landscaping components like stone and mulch can help a space to function well and save money for the homeowner or business.  That’s the kind of honest communication and experience that helps to build long lasting relationships and beautiful lawn care in Arnold MD.  Tree pruning, grass cutting and hardscaping is still important this time of year. Although with the lack of rain it is important to keep grass healthy.  Leaving grass a little longer, manual watering systems, automated irrigation and knowing how the sun and shade will hit the yard can help to keep grass green instead of brown.  If we can be of service for any landscape services give our landscapers in Arnold a call. (410) 216-7825

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Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Sept 29th, 2017

Raking Leaves & Yard Care in the Fall

Landscapes in Arnold MD are seeing the feeling of Fall this week.  We are seven days into the official calendar of Fall however the warm temperatures and lack of rain has made September in Arnold Maryland has been more like Summer.  The cool days and even cooler nights are coming this weekend and that leads to more leaves falling and your plans to remove them.  You might be tempted to put off raking the leaves till late in the Fall or even the beginning of Winter however there is a disadvantage to waiting.  The obvious issue with waiting to have leaves removed too long is the amount of work that is piled up.  When neighbors wait too long and leaves from “one yard” blow into “another yard” hard feelings can occur.  Being a good neighbor may mean taking evenings or weekends to rake your leaves.  We can help with residential and commercial grounds keeping as professional landscapers in Arnold MD.

This is still a good time of year for many hearty plants like Elephant ears so long as they are getting a sufficient amount of sun and water.  Give us a call for a free estimate on all your landscaping needs like stone and mulch installs, cutting the lawn, edging and trimming, hardscaping, landscape lighting and leaf raking.  We are the “Landscaper Near Me” in Arnold Maryland 21012.

Landscaper Near Me in Arnold MD

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Sept 22nd, 2017

Growing Grass in the Fall

While many areas of Arnold Maryland have lush green lawns most all have a few trouble spots and look for some help from landscapers in Arnold MD.   Where the grass is well watered, receives ample sun and is not in competition for nutrients lawns can do well throughout most of the season.  When it comes to challenging areas around other large landscape components like crepe myrtles, oaks, maples and pines grass can have a tough time staying lush.  In these hard to grow places, grass can turn brown and even die out.  Often this is the case as the surrounding landscape pieces win the competition for resources.  Some will try to solve this issue by adding grass seed.  This alone rarely ends in success.  There is a delicate balance in getting grass to grow in tough places.  It takes experience and testing to get the results with the limited time that Fall allows.  As we are experienced with Landscaping in Arnold MD we can do more than throwing out a handful of grass seed after we cut the grass.  We’re ready to bring our high success rate to your home or business with all of our landscaping services like tree, shrub and bush pruning, edging areas, hardscaping, yard maintenance, design and lighting to help with creating a beautiful landscape in Arnold MD.

Landscape in Arnold MD

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Sept 15th, 2017

Lawn care in the Fall

Landscapers in Arnold MD are enjoying the last days of summer.  Fall is technically a few days away but the temperatures are coming down and so are some of the early leaves.  Soon we’ll be seeing the maple trees turning their beautiful colors.  Oranges, browns, reds and yellows are quite common for the heartier maple varieties.  Lawn care and leaves in Arnold Maryland can be beautiful, breathtaking and time consuming.  If you are looking for someone to “rake leaves in Arnold?” We are more than happy to come out and give you back your evenings and weekends.

As professional Arnold Landscapers we have the proper tools and equipment to make quick work of those falling leaves.  Our affordable prices for leaf raking means more golfing, boating and time with family for you.  Give us a call for all your tree, shrub and bush needs.  We can help with a fall service of aeration, seeding and help with stone, mulch and even hardscaping projects.  Enjoy the views of beautiful fall leaves we’ll all be sharing over the next few months.  We’re the “landscaper near me” in Arnold Maryland.

Landscaper in Arnold MD

Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Sept 8th, 2017

Aerating your Lawn

Fall temps are continuing and that should trigger some thoughts about landscapers and lawn care in Arnold Maryland.  Thoughts like aerating your lawn.  When you prepare in the fall you can get a head start on strengthening your grass, trees, shrubs and general landscaping.  The heat of summer can be hard on your yard.  Depending on the rainfall or your irrigation system you can see your grass turn brown and even develop patches where you lose your grass.  Aerating your lawn in the heat of summer can be detrimental to the overall health of the lawn and actually create problem areas, an experienced Arnold Landscaper can help you to avoid this.  However in the Autumn season you can depend on aeration to allow your grass to grow to a greater depth, from the space and perforations in the yard to allow nutrients, water and air to do their job.  Give us a call to strengthen your landscaping this fall with our aeration services.  If you are looking for a “landscaper near me” in the Arnold Maryland area, We have you covered (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care Arnold Landscapers


Landscapers & Lawn Care in Arnold MD – Sept 1st, 2017

Arnold Maryland landscapers are seeing the effects of the early cool weather.  Plants which are hardy are doing just fine and even thriving in the cool weather as opposed to the scorching heat of a typical July and August.  Grass mowing in Arnold is still going strong with ample rains and plenty of sunshine.  Most lawn care did not see grass turn brown this year.  Rainfall was able to carry most yards through the heat of summer.  Some needed irrigation to help in problem areas in the lawn.  As we enter September the temps are already feeling cool as the first day of Fall is officially still 3 weeks away, give or take a day.  Sept 22nd will be here soon enough and leaves will begin to accumulate from the white aka silver maples and many shrubs.  Other trees like oaks will hold their leaves until much later in the season. Landcsaping and Lawn Care in Arnold MD

If you are looking to schedule fall leaf services give us a call and get on the schedule we would love to help with affordable leaf services in Arnold.  To help you enjoy your fall we will take care of your leaves and allow you to enjoy the great weather on the boat, on the golf course, with family or whatever hobby you enjoy.  Give us a call for a free estimate on all your landscaping and lawn care in Arnold MD at (410) 216-7825

Landscapers Arnold MD – Aug 25th, 2017

With thunderstorms and driving rain we get to help with keeping trees and shrubs stronger by pruning as landscapers in Arnold MD.  Many homeowners and businesses have been amazed at the results when properly pruning trees.  The next years growth can dramatically change when “trimming” or pruning is done properly.  Cutting out dead limbs and “suckers” as well as achieving the shape that you are looking for is important to keeping your trees and bushes healthy, strong and looking their best as with all landscaping.  Many types of plants will respond to trimming and pruning with producing fruit and / or flowering when properly trimmed on a regular basis.  If we can help with any of your landscaping services from grass cutting and trimming to a complete landscape re-design give us a call as your trusted landscapers in Arnold, Maryland, 21012.Landcapers in Arnold lawn care


Landscapers Arnold MD – Aug 18th, 2017

Rose of Sharon flowers throughout the mid-summer and into the fall.  Landscapers in Arnold Maryland get to see this develop when properly pruned, watered and fertilized it will flourish.  Bees of many types will help to pollinate, humming birds will drink and even pass up man-made feeders to work on the Rose of Sharon flowers.  Lawn care, maintenance, stone and mulch will all help to accent landscaping in Arnold, MD.  We would like to bring you a free estimate as a trusted landscaper in Arnold.  If you are looking for someone to mow the grass, edge and perform basic tasks we can help.  We can also help you with stunning landscape designs, planning and lighting.  Landscape lighting has made huge leaps in style and efficiency.  You can run your landscaping lights with very little power, it is doubtful that you will see much a change in utility bills when lighting is done with quality in mind.  If you are looking for a high value landscaper in Arnold that is polite and pleasant to work with we are ready for your call (410) 216-7825.  Landscapers Arnold Maryland

Landscapers Arnold MD – Aug 10th, 2017

The Black Eyed Susan, our state flower is still standing strong as we have seen them throughout the summer as we cut grass and work as Landscapers in Arnold Maryland. Its scientific name is “Rudbeckia hirta” and is actually part of the sunflower family. It is quite hardy and holds its flowers and petals through most of the summer and well into autumn when in decent soil, light and water. They are not expensive and can be started from seed. The bees and butterflies will both enjoy them. We see them on the flowers as we cut grass, install mulch, stone and trim edges and prune trees as trusted landscapers in Arnold.
When you are interested in a dependable solution to cut your grass or complete landscape redesign we are ready to help including how to use the Black-Eyed Susan in your ideas. Give us a call and we can discuss how we can bring your landscaping desires to fruition. We would like to meet you and earn your trust as we have so many throughout our career as landscapers in Arnold Maryland.

Landscapers Arnold MD Lawn care

Landscapers Arnold MD – Aug 4th, 2017

Canna Lilies are in full bloom and we are enjoying them as Landscapers in Arnold Maryland.  Lawn care like grass mowers, mulch and stone installers and tree care is common place this time of year.  We have been fortunate with ample rain this summer compared to many years in the past.  Sunny summer days are feeding the grass and the combination of water, sun, fertilizing, grass cutting and good ground are making for nice looking lawns in Arnold.  Canna lilies are interesting plants and are a bit of work to keep in the freezing winters in Arnold.  Most homeowners will dig up the canna rhizomes to be safe from loosing them over the winter freeze.  Some will take the risk and leave the plant in the ground and cover it with a thick bed of mulch or other cover to try and insulate from the cold.  Proper planning and understanding all your landscaping in important to having success with all your lawn care in Arnold.  We can help when you are ready for professional, affordable landscaping from trusted landscapers in Arnold Maryland.

Landcsapers in Arnold Lawn Care

Landscapers Arnold MD – July 28th, 2017

We get a chance to work in amazing places and see great sights when providing lawn care, mowing grass in Arnold MD as professional Landscapers.  While other birds may gather around feeders, perched nearby or scattered around the bottom eating dropped seeds, hummingbirds flit around and you can miss them if you’re not watching closely. If you’re looking to attract more hummingbirds to your backyard and to encourage them to stay longer, then look no further. The easiest thing you can do is buy a hummingbird feeder. When purchasing a feeder look for one that is painted red because hummingbirds are attracted to this vibrant hue. Go the extra mile and use the color red to your advantage by planting red plants or tying red ribbons in your yard. The best part of starting a food source for hummingbirds is that their food can be made with common, household ingredients. By boiling 1 part sugar and 4 parts water you can quickly make something that suffices the hummingbird’s diet without having to buy any extra ingredients. If you are looking for great results in your lawn care, grass mowing, mulch, tree and shrub pruning and planting, stone, hardscaping or landscaping design we are the trusted landscapers in Arnold MD, 21012.

Landscapers Arnold MD

Landscapers Arnold MD – July 21st, 2017

As Landscapers in Arnold Maryland we get to see several species of birds and they can help with natural pest control.  While most people look forward to summer days enjoyed in their backyards, one thing that no one looks forward to when spending time outside is the bugs. From plants to people, no one enjoys getting bit by insects. Who wants to spray excessive pesticides or use ounces of chemicals to protect themselves and their gardens though? By planting certain vegetation you can add some variety to your landscaping in Arnold MD, while protecting yourself and your garden from pests. These common plants act as natural bug repellents, which means you don’t have to use harsh chemicals. Some of these also have the added bonus of being herbs you can use to spice up your cooking; it’s a double win. On the topic of cooking, as it turns out basil is not only great when you’re in the mood for Italian, but it also repels flies and mosquitoes. Lavender repels the same bugs, with the addition of moths and fleas. Instead of lighting a citronella candle to ward off mosquitos, try planting lemongrass. Citronella is actually derived from lemongrass, (speaking of grass – we can help with mowing grass in Arnold MD) so the herb will work just as well to get rid of insects. Another popular plant that doubles as a mosquito repellent is mint. If you’re looking to protect your vegetable garden from unwanted guests, then plant rosemary or allium. Both of those drive off insects that can do damage to your plants. Besides using your garden to repel bugs, you can also empty containers that have unmoving water. Seemingly harmless things, like birdbaths, can become hotspots for insect breeding. While nothing is foolproof, adding these common plants to your garden can help prevent bugs and improve your cooking- it’s a win-win!  If you are ready to turn over your landscaping pest control, grass mowing, tree and shrub pruning, landscape lighting over to a professional landscaper in Arnold Maryland, give us a call (410) 216-7825

Landscapers Arnold MD Pest Control

Landscapers Arnold MD – July 14th, 2017

Weekly lawn care in Arnold Maryland tasks include mowing and watering, but one important step to not forget at the beginning of the season is aerating. It may not be a task that has to be done as frequently as the others, but it just as important. Mowing the lawn in Arnold and other lawn chores, aeration is just as critical in order to have a bright, fresh looking yard. Aeration is a process where holes are poked into the lawn in order to break up tightly packed soil. These holes create more direct paths for water and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots, which creates a healthier lawn. A yard in need of aeration is one that experiences high traffic, whether that be from people frequently walking on it or from cars parking on it. One easy way to tell if your property needs to be aerated is if after it rains water collects in your yard. Another way that you can tell, regardless of the weather, is by taking a pencil and trying to stick it through the ground. If it’s challenging to do then your soil needs to be aerated. Aerating is most effective during the spring and fall months. An aerated lawn keeps your property looking lively and healthy. It aids in curb appeal and is essential when it comes to prolonging the life of your yard. So the next time you are doing lawn maintenance, or getting it done, make sure to add aeration to the list of must-dos.  We perform landscaping in Arnold Maryland as the landscapers providing the best lawn care.Lawn Care Arnold Maryland

Landscapers Arnold MD – July 7th, 2017

When you schedule lawn care services in Arnold Maryland, you may want to ask your lawn mowing service professional about crabgrass removal. Crabgrass is one of the most commonly found weeds in residential lawns . As you are planning a crabgrass management program with your lawn service, it is important to identify which plants are truly crabgrass and which are imposters. Crabgrass will typically begin to appear when outdoor temperatures rise. A company offering highly rated lawn care services will be able to fully eliminate your crab grass problem. For a closer look at crabgrass identification and removal, give us a call and we can help as your landscapers in Arnold MD.

While cutting your grass is a time consuming part of your Arnold Lawn Care the plants which you choose to accent and beautify your yard is important.  With our decades of experience as landscapers in Arnold we can help you to find the right plants, flowers, bushes, mulch rock and stone.  Many will want exotic plants to help bring eye catching curb appeal while others will choose a more hardy plants to save time and money.  We are ready to help with all of your choices as we can help with all your landscaping design ideas.  Give us a call and you’ll see why choosing a trusted, local landscaper in Arnold Maryland is helpful.Landscapers in Arnold Maryland

Landscapers Arnold MD – June 30th, 2017

If you’ve ever pushed a lawnmower or spread fertilizer, you know how tiring (and time consuming) it can be to maintain your Arnold home landscaping. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to keep your property looking lush, green, and beautiful—call Laser Cut Lawn Care. The team of landscaping experts at Laster Cut Lawn Care have earned a reputation for providing the most professional and reliable landscape maintenance services in Arnold. No matter the size of your property or the condition of your landscape, Laser Cut Lawn Care can give you the most enviable lawn on the street.

Being locally owned and operated we know the ins and outs of Arnold, Maryland.  We know the lawn care steps needed to keep you looking great through the spring rains, the summer heat and humidity, the fall leaves turning and falling and the winter freezing temperatures.  We’re ready to help you have great lawn care, the proper plants, trees, shrubs and grass while we work with your landscaping design ideas to bring you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of in Arnold Maryland.

Laser Cut Lawn Care provides all of the landscaping services you could ever need, including lawn fertilizing, tree trimming, brush cutting, shrub trimming, plant bed weeding, aeration, and edging. And if you own a business, count on Laser Cut Lawn Care for your commercial landscaping needs as well. Call Laser Cut Lawn Care at (410) 216-7825 for your free lawn care estimate.Landscapers in Arnold

Landscapers Arnold MD – June 23rd, 2017

A few adjustments to your lawn care and Landscaping in Arnold MD can transform your home into a wonderland, but what happens when the sun goes down? If you want to be able to enjoy your residential landscaping around the clock, consider landscape lighting. Strategic lighting can place the spotlight wherever you desire; maybe on a tree that is central to your yard or the patio outside the doors to your business. Continue on as we put the spotlight on landscape lighting.

From spot and step lighting to path and flood lighting, the pros can help you light up your landscape in Arnold MD, 21012 in exactly the way you please. These lighting systems will allow you to enjoy the view long after the sun goes down, helping you get the most out of your home. While many homeowners are aware of the cosmetic benefits that landscape lighting can offer, however, there are a few other hidden perks as well. In addition to making your home more attractive, landscape lighting can also make it safer. By illuminating the surrounding of your home, criminals who would plan to break in have limited hiding spots. With a range of different choices and both aesthetic and security benefits, every home can benefit from the best landscapers in Arnold.

Landscapers Arnold MD 21012

Landscaping in Arnold MD – June 16th, 2017

An attractive home exterior takes as much work to maintain as an interior. With well-maintained lawns and trimmings, homes look classy to visitors and passing motorists. If you ever decide to sell your home, proper landscaping in Arnold MD could add value to your property. While a lot of people are happy to perform the basics like mowing and trimming, the dedicated homeowner will usually hire a professional landscaper. Thankfully, there are residential landscaping and lawn services near Arnold that can make home exteriors look impeccable in any neighborhood.The Vision

The first factor to consider about landscape design in Arnold is how you’d like your house to look and function on the outside. Do you want a house that stands out among your neighborhood, or simply a nice looking, well–manicured exterior? Are you going for an elaborate design scheme—such as a landscape that would entertain party guests—or something more basic and functional? Is the need for noise barriers a factor in your neighborhood?

The Scope of Landscaping in Arnold

Landscaping in Arnold can be done around the entirety of a property, or only in select areas. If you have a definite vision for your exterior, a full–property landscaping could either be accomplished in one big undertaking, or you could have it broken into parts. If you’re less certain about the landscaping style you’d like for your exterior, consider having just one area done first and then decide whether you’d like to extend that style around your house.

The Details of Lawn Care in Arnold MD

Landscaping involves a lot more than functional chores like tree pruning and lawn edging. In fact, the process can be very creative; you just have to use your imagination. For starters, brainstorm for ideas of how you’d like your property to appear. Would you like to have flower beds, hanging plants, or a garden in your backyard? Do you want your property to look like something typical of Crownsville and Annapolis, or do you yearn for something foreign and exotic? Whichever style you choose, the possibilities are endless with professional landscaping in Arnold MD.Landscaping in Arnold MD

Landscaping in Arnold MD – June 9th, 2017

As landscapers Arnold MD we know each season, summer brings its own challenges for lawn care in Arnold. Your turf puts significant effort into growing lush and green throughout the spring, so by the time summer hits, it can begin to feel the strain of the high temperatures and the increased abuse it gets during your family’s outdoor activities. As the best landscapers in Arnold you can use these summer lawn care tips to help it stay healthy in the heat.

Watering in Arnold

Summer lawn care in Arnold requires at least one inch of watering per week, and more when there are severe heat conditions. To keep things simple, install a rain gauge to track rainfall and balance your lawn’s water needs with irrigation. To encourage strong, drought-tolerant roots, water deeply and less frequently when possible. Also, schedule your sprinklers to run in the morning to prevent evaporation and to discourage fungal growth.landscapers Arnold MD

Mowing in Arnold

With the arrival of summer, you should raise your mower blades so they’ll trim less length from your grass. Longer blades are more tolerant to heat and drought, and will also develop a stronger root structure. Additionally, taller blades shade more of your soil and help to prevent weed growth.  With over 23,000 people in Arnold there can be a lot of foot traffic on your lawn. Although professional landscapers in Arnold we will encourage you to leave your grass blades longer this time of year, they will also recommend frequent mowing. You should always avoid cutting more than one-third of your grass’s length at once to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your lawn.

Landscaping in Arnold means Fertilizing

Arnold Homeowners are often tempted to feed and water their landscaping in a desperate cycle to elicit new growth from the turf once it begins to show wear. Unfortunately, this effort can have a detrimental effect on your lawn this time of year, potentially burning your existing blades and stimulating a bloom of young, new growth that will struggle under the summer sun. Instead, wait until fall to apply a new round of fertilizer. If you can’t bear the sight of a scraggly and wilting summer lawn, consider purchasing an organic fertilizer. These products are slow-release and are less likely to damage your existing grass.  Give us a call for all your landscaping in Arnold MD.

Landscaping in Arnold MD – June 2nd, 2017

If you want to have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood, you will have to practice proper residential lawn care serving Arnold MD. For many individuals, this includes the use of mulch. Not all mulch is the same, however, so think about what you want to use as your material. Mulch can benefit your lawn and garden in a few different ways, and offers an affordable way to improve your home’s landscaping. As long as you care for your mulch properly, you can enjoy improved curb appeal for years to come with lawn care in Arnold MD. Read on to get the facts about mulch installation in Arnold MD.

What Mulch Is Made Of

Mulch is not a material in itself; rather, it is a term used to describe any type of material that is added to soil for the purpose of preservation and enhancement. Some materials make better mulch than others, so it is still important to consider what you use. Non-biodegradable mulches like pebbles, slate, and gravel can be great for controlling weeds and adding to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. On the downside, they don’t do much else to help the soil. Garden compost, wood chippings, and other biodegradable mulches, on the other hand, can bolster the structure of your soil for landcaping in Arnold MD.

Why People Use Mulch

People tend to go about maintaining their yards in different ways, but mulching is a tried and true method. Stones can be a great choice for pools and ponds due to their ability to reduce fungal growth. They can even protect the foundation of your home from soil problems after heavy rains. Organic mulch tends to be cheaper, making it a viable option for larger scale projects. This type of mulch can also be easier to maintain, which is an important consideration for results when landscaping in Arnold MD.

How to Maintain Mulch in Arnold MD

You can enjoy the best results possible and keep your mulch in top shape by working with a professional landscaper in Arnold MD, 21012. Stones typically require hands-on maintenance like blowing away debris and hand weeding. Organic mulch must be raked on a regular basis in order to prevent water retention.Landscaping in Arnold MD

Landscapers Arnold MD – Design – May 26th, 2017

Landscapers designs in Arnold MD will come with proven results when you have decades of combined experience.  Here at Laser Cut we’ve started from way back and know the ins and outs of designs that fit well in the zip code 21012.  Which plants will work well with the PH of the soil and mix of sun and shade.  We are glad to work with an open mind and your landscaping design ideas to work as a team to achieve your desired final result.  We work proactively to keep your property groomed to your plans and budget.  Whether you are looking to improve your hardscaping, trees, shrubs, grass, sod or any other concept as landscapers in Arnold we can help.

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Arnold Landscaping Lawn Care

Arnold HOA Landscapers – May 19th, 2017

We get to work with many beautiful landscaping designs.  As HOA landscapers in Arnold the ever changing trees, shrubs, economical and efficient lighting and need to upgrade mulch with safe options is a rewarding process.  From a single household to a major community design we are here to help and keep you looking great from the first spring cleanup to snow removal.  Give us a call if you are looking for a trusted, experienced HOA Landscaper in Arnold MD.Arnold Landscaper


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