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Here at Laser Cut we like to always have goals to shoot for everyday as we provide Landscaping and Lawn Care in Arnold MD.  We begin the year by looking for all the problems we see coming and this season it looks like weeds will be a massive issue in 2017. Arnold and most other cities south of Annapolis were not hit with any significant snow accumulation or super cool temperatures which normally help suppress weeds, unfortunately this is not the case this season. Good news Laser Cut has all the proper tools and knowledge to combat this issue with natural remedies. Also everyone is looking at bare patches in their lawns, this is common this time of year and there are a number of ways to address this issue. Another great simple tip is to take a minute and look up, do you have a lot of trees? Could you remove some branches and let more light in? This a major piece of the puzzle that gets over looked all the time and as the leader in Landscape and Lawn Care in Arnold zip codes 21012, 21146  Laser Cut wants to make sure you know and understand all the intricacies that we look at every time we step foot on a property.

Landscapers Arnold MD – June 23rd, 2017

A few adjustments to your lawn care and Landscaping in Arnold MD can transform your home into a wonderland, but what happens when the sun goes down? If you want to be able to enjoy your residential landscaping around the clock, consider landscape lighting. Strategic lighting can place the spotlight wherever you desire; maybe on a tree that is central to your yard or the patio outside the doors to your business. Continue on as we put the spotlight on landscape lighting.

From spot and step lighting to path and flood lighting, the pros can help you light up your landscape in Arnold MD, 21012 in exactly the way you please. These lighting systems will allow you to enjoy the view long after the sun goes down, helping you get the most out of your home. While many homeowners are aware of the cosmetic benefits that landscape lighting can offer, however, there are a few other hidden perks as well. In addition to making your home more attractive, landscape lighting can also make it safer. By illuminating the surrounding of your home, criminals who would plan to break in have limited hiding spots. With a range of different choices and both aesthetic and security benefits, every home can benefit from the best landscapers in Arnold.

Landscapers Arnold MD 21012

Landscaping in Arnold MD – June 16th, 2017

An attractive home exterior takes as much work to maintain as an interior. With well-maintained lawns and trimmings, homes look classy to visitors and passing motorists. If you ever decide to sell your home, proper landscaping in Arnold MD could add value to your property. While a lot of people are happy to perform the basics like mowing and trimming, the dedicated homeowner will usually hire a professional landscaper. Thankfully, there are residential landscaping and lawn services near Arnold that can make home exteriors look impeccable in any neighborhood.The Vision

The first factor to consider about landscape design in Arnold is how you’d like your house to look and function on the outside. Do you want a house that stands out among your neighborhood, or simply a nice looking, well–manicured exterior? Are you going for an elaborate design scheme—such as a landscape that would entertain party guests—or something more basic and functional? Is the need for noise barriers a factor in your neighborhood?

The Scope of Landscaping in Arnold

Landscaping in Arnold can be done around the entirety of a property, or only in select areas. If you have a definite vision for your exterior, a full–property landscaping could either be accomplished in one big undertaking, or you could have it broken into parts. If you’re less certain about the landscaping style you’d like for your exterior, consider having just one area done first and then decide whether you’d like to extend that style around your house.

The Details of Lawn Care in Arnold MD

Landscaping involves a lot more than functional chores like tree pruning and lawn edging. In fact, the process can be very creative; you just have to use your imagination. For starters, brainstorm for ideas of how you’d like your property to appear. Would you like to have flower beds, hanging plants, or a garden in your backyard? Do you want your property to look like something typical of Crownsville and Annapolis, or do you yearn for something foreign and exotic? Whichever style you choose, the possibilities are endless with professional landscaping in Arnold MD.Landscaping in Arnold MD

Landscaping in Arnold MD – June 9th, 2017

As landscapers Arnold MD we know each season, summer brings its own challenges for lawn care in Arnold. Your turf puts significant effort into growing lush and green throughout the spring, so by the time summer hits, it can begin to feel the strain of the high temperatures and the increased abuse it gets during your family’s outdoor activities. As the best landscapers in Arnold you can use these summer lawn care tips to help it stay healthy in the heat.

Watering in Arnold

Summer lawn care in Arnold requires at least one inch of watering per week, and more when there are severe heat conditions. To keep things simple, install a rain gauge to track rainfall and balance your lawn’s water needs with irrigation. To encourage strong, drought-tolerant roots, water deeply and less frequently when possible. Also, schedule your sprinklers to run in the morning to prevent evaporation and to discourage fungal growth.landscapers Arnold MD

Mowing in Arnold

With the arrival of summer, you should raise your mower blades so they’ll trim less length from your grass. Longer blades are more tolerant to heat and drought, and will also develop a stronger root structure. Additionally, taller blades shade more of your soil and help to prevent weed growth.  With over 23,000 people in Arnold there can be a lot of foot traffic on your lawn. Although professional landscapers in Arnold we will encourage you to leave your grass blades longer this time of year, they will also recommend frequent mowing. You should always avoid cutting more than one-third of your grass’s length at once to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your lawn.

Landscaping in Arnold means Fertilizing

Arnold Homeowners are often tempted to feed and water their landscaping in a desperate cycle to elicit new growth from the turf once it begins to show wear. Unfortunately, this effort can have a detrimental effect on your lawn this time of year, potentially burning your existing blades and stimulating a bloom of young, new growth that will struggle under the summer sun. Instead, wait until fall to apply a new round of fertilizer. If you can’t bear the sight of a scraggly and wilting summer lawn, consider purchasing an organic fertilizer. These products are slow-release and are less likely to damage your existing grass.  Give us a call for all your landscaping in Arnold MD.

Landscaping in Arnold MD – June 2nd, 2017

If you want to have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood, you will have to practice proper residential lawn care serving Arnold MD. For many individuals, this includes the use of mulch. Not all mulch is the same, however, so think about what you want to use as your material. Mulch can benefit your lawn and garden in a few different ways, and offers an affordable way to improve your home’s landscaping. As long as you care for your mulch properly, you can enjoy improved curb appeal for years to come with lawn care in Arnold MD. Read on to get the facts about mulch installation in Arnold MD.

What Mulch Is Made Of

Mulch is not a material in itself; rather, it is a term used to describe any type of material that is added to soil for the purpose of preservation and enhancement. Some materials make better mulch than others, so it is still important to consider what you use. Non-biodegradable mulches like pebbles, slate, and gravel can be great for controlling weeds and adding to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. On the downside, they don’t do much else to help the soil. Garden compost, wood chippings, and other biodegradable mulches, on the other hand, can bolster the structure of your soil for landcaping in Arnold MD.

Why People Use Mulch

People tend to go about maintaining their yards in different ways, but mulching is a tried and true method. Stones can be a great choice for pools and ponds due to their ability to reduce fungal growth. They can even protect the foundation of your home from soil problems after heavy rains. Organic mulch tends to be cheaper, making it a viable option for larger scale projects. This type of mulch can also be easier to maintain, which is an important consideration for results when landscaping in Arnold MD.

How to Maintain Mulch in Arnold MD

You can enjoy the best results possible and keep your mulch in top shape by working with a professional landscaper in Arnold MD, 21012. Stones typically require hands-on maintenance like blowing away debris and hand weeding. Organic mulch must be raked on a regular basis in order to prevent water retention.Landscaping in Arnold MD

Landscapers Arnold MD – Design – May 26th, 2017

Landscapers designs in Arnold MD will come with proven results when you have decades of combined experience.  Here at Laser Cut we’ve started from way back and know the ins and outs of designs that fit well in the zip code 21012.  Which plants will work well with the PH of the soil and mix of sun and shade.  We are glad to work with an open mind and your landscaping design ideas to work as a team to achieve your desired final result.  We work proactively to keep your property groomed to your plans and budget.  Whether you are looking to improve your hardscaping, trees, shrubs, grass, sod or any other concept as landscapers in Arnold we can help.

landscapers in Arnold MD 21012

Arnold Landscaping Lawn Care

Arnold HOA Landscapers – May 19th, 2017

We get to work with many beautiful landscaping designs.  As HOA landscapers in Arnold the ever changing trees, shrubs, economical and efficient lighting and need to upgrade mulch with safe options is a rewarding process.  From a single household to a major community design we are here to help and keep you looking great from the first spring cleanup to snow removal.  Give us a call if you are looking for a trusted, experienced HOA Landscaper in Arnold MD.Arnold Landscaper


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