Landscaping and Lawn Care in Annapolis MD

Annapolis LandscapingPlease enjoy these Landscaping Projects in Annapolis.  Our success in Landscape design, installation, Outdoor lighting and maintenance has made us a well known landscaper in Annapolis.  From as simple as needing your Annapolis lawn cut to a complete redesign we are glad to bring you Superior Results for your Annapolis Landscaping Dreams.

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Dec 8th, 2017

Snow Removal, Groundskeeping

Business owners always have a running list in their head about what needs to be done. When delegating tasks on your to-do list make sure to sign our Annapolis landscapers up for taking care of your company’s groundskeeping. Our employees are skilled in landscaping and hardscaping, and can even do landscape lighting. This means that any exterior maintenance you’re looking to have done chances our team can do it. Groundskeeping can be broken into two categories- more frequent tasks that need to be done weekly or monthly, and tasks that are done seasonally. Lawn maintenance chores that we do more frequently include mowing, edging, and weeding. Some of the seasonal jobs include leaf and snow removal, pruning, and aerating. Your business has year round needs that can be hard to keep up with. They don’t have to be though. We are a well rounded Annapolis landscaping company that can do it all. Any task and any time of year, our Annapolis landscapers can help. After being in business for sixteen years we have been hired to maintain many company’s property and owners are always pleased with the results. We’re a business that can be trusted with your property’s groundskeeping. During our initial consultation we will go over all the services you want and complete our first set of tasks. Then, every appointment after that we will be focused on keeping up that overall look. As mentioned previously, we also do hardscaping. So, if your sidewalks, steps, or even the parking lot is need of some TLC we can work to revamp these areas. This concrete work not only improves the appearance of your storefront, but also improves the safety of your employees and customers. If you own a business in the central Maryland area, then talk with our team of landscapers in Annapolis today about scheduling regular groundskeeping maintenance.  (410) 216-7825

Landscaping Company Annapolis

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Dec 1st, 2017

Creating a great space with Landscaping,

Creating the perfect outdoor space on your own is hard, but with the assistance of our Annapolis landscapers it doesn’t have to be. One thing we often find is that homeowners don’t use their backyard as much as they could because they don’t have access to the modern conveniences that they do inside. It becomes too troublesome to lug everything back and forth whenever entertaining outside. Luckily, our hardscaping services are the perfect solution to that problem. With our skills we can build an outdoor oasis that won’t have you missing anything because we can help bring everything from the inside out. One popular request from homeowners is to construct an area that is half patio, half covered space. The patio area provides room for seating and eating, while the B-B-Q area gives you access to cooking. A bar or countertop is the perfect outdoor spot for prepping meals.

In addition to our stone work, our Annapolis landscapers can also install outdoor lighting. These features give you many of the benefits of your home’s kitchen, while still being able to enjoy the outdoors.  Planning out such a big addition to your backyard can be tricky, especially if the area is an awkward shape to work with. We can lend our landscape design services to strategize the best use for the space, ensuring that everything flows. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor patio, B-B-Q or for a few front yard gardens, we do everything from mapping out the area to setting it all up. We want to make everything as easy as possible for our customers, even creating a space for Wildlife. Call for a free estimate so you can start consulting with an Annapolis landscaper today about your latest backyard project. (410) 216-7825

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Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Nov 24th, 2017

Leaf Raking,

Achieving the perfect front yard for fall doesn’t have to be hard when you work with our landscapers in Annapolis to get the look. While every home looks instantly looks better when the grass is well kept, something that takes the house over the top is great landscaping. Landscaping is a fantastic way to make a statement in the community and standout amongst your neighbors.  Tired of raking those piles of leaves?

Landscapers Annapolis leaf rakingBy consulting with one of our skilled employees you can bring your yard into the autumn season, incorporating fall foliage that fits you and your garden’s needs. If you were to go the nursery and pick out plants yourself you could spend hours trying to figuring out which plants would work the best for your front yard. There’s so much to consider- colors, sunlight required, and maintenance level. It can be hard to choose. That is where we step in. We can assess the location of your plant beds / flower garden and provide our insight to the plants that would thrive in that area.  Tree and shrub care in the fall with trimming and pruning can make the difference for your landscaping in the Spring.

Annapolis LandscapingOur Annapolis landscapers want to make your life easier, so by telling us about your style, dreams and ideas for plant beds and flower garden and what your looking to achieve we can work together to pick out what’s best for you. We’ve worked with many families in the area, which means we’ve done landscaping for a lot of different homes and businesses. So, no matter what your yard layout is, we can work through it. Whether we’re working in a small space around steps or a large space with a porch, driveway, trees, landscape lighting and beds we know what it takes to help you get the final look you want. If you’re on the fence about having any fall landscaping done, remember that a well maintained lawn keeps you from having to do any additional decorating. When your flowers match with the colors of the season they provide all the extra decoration that your home could need. Talk with a landscaper in Annapolis today about how we can help rejuvenate your lawn for autumn.  (410) 216-7825

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Nov 17th, 2017

Patios, Hardscaping, Retaining Walls

When designing and decorating your home it can be easy to focus on your indoor space and forget about the outdoors. If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, then give one of our Annapolis landscapers a call. By giving your backyard a little more attention you end up with an area that you can enjoy just as much as any room in your home. An easy way to create an inviting space for visitors is to install a patio in your backyard.

hardscaping Annapolis landscapers

Patios are a great way to add more usable space to any lawn. By working with one of our landscapers you can build a patio that best fits you and your family’s needs. A patio is an ideal option for homes that don’t have decks, fulfilling the same need as one, without having to construct and add on to your house. Our Annapolis landscapers know that patios are versatile spaces that you can do so much with. Besides just creating more seating, they also make the perfect base for any family looking to add an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to their backyard.

landscaping Annapolis Think about all the extra use you could get out the space, perfect for summer cookouts and cold fall evenings. To enhance the area even more think about having landscape lighting installed. Exterior lights can help illuminate paths and seating areas, ensuring that your new patio is well lit and more accessible during the evening and at night. Not only is the addition of a patio aesthetically pleasing and useful, but consider all the added value it would bring to your home as well. We have been in the business for sixteen years, so no matter what ideas you have for your new patio we can help bring them to life. By talking with an Annapolis landscaper you can create an area in your backyard where friends and family can gather while enjoying the outdoors.

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Nov 10th, 2017

Lawn, Grass, Yard Landscaping

Set your Annapolis lawn up for spring success by scheduling to have your yard fertilized before the first frost of winter. Fertilizer is a key component to grass growth and with so many options on the market it can be difficult to choose which to purchase. Depending on the type of grass you’re growing and what your lawn goals are, the proper fertilizer for your yard care can vary. The easiest way to figure out what is best for your grass is to give us a call; let us be your lawn care lifeline. We have spent years serving the area and pride ourselves on our extensive yard care knowledge and our ability to perform any job efficiently. So, whether you come to us to fertilize, or even to landscape, we are a trusted source. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what products and tools are right for the job. We are a quick phone call away and come already equipped with the knowledge and gear necessary to complete any project you have in mind. We’ve dedicated 16 years+ to our landscaping in Annapolis, which means there is no other landscaper more passionate and ready to help give you the lawn of your dreams.

You may be considering a wide variety of landscaping services for your Annapolis lawn care.  We are ready to help you from the very start with landscape design that comes from real world experience.  Listening to you and your plans in hardscaping, patios, retaining walls, decks and your needs for mulch, stone, trees, shrubs and cutting the grass to bring you curb appeal as your landscapers in Annapolis Maryland.

Annapolis Lawn Care and Landscaping services

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Nov 3rd, 2017

Mulching, Fall Cleanup Landscaping

Landscapers in Annapolis are seeing the fall season and good results from refreshing mulch landscaping projects.   Two of the most important times for mulching are spring and fall. While spring is definitely the more popular time for this activity there are benefits to mulching in the fall. Mulching provides an extra layer to your garden that protects your plants from the harsh elements that are sure to come in the upcoming Maryland winter. Mulch also hinders the growth of every garden’s enemy- weeds. It is a crucial element to every successful garden, which is why our landscapers in Annapolis encourage customers to schedule our mulch and stone installation services. While mulching is a key step in the flower and plant bed and landscaping process, it is is not a “set it and forget it” task. It needs to be de-clumped by raking and yard waste needs to be picked from it. Mulch helps make the garden look cleaner, which is why it’s important to schedule lawn care maintenance. This will keep your mulch and yard looking their best. Since it is fall, something that will inevitably be cluttering your lawn and mulch is leaves. If you find yourself overwhelmed by them, then call us so we can relieve some of the stress that comes along with the changing seasons. Whether you are looking for mulch to be laid or refreshed we are the “Annapolis landscaping company Near me” for the job.

Landscapers Annapolis Mulching

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Oct 27th, 2017

Flower & Plant Beds, Leaf Removal

Just like humans, plants also need to have checkups to make certain that they are healthy. By hiring landscapers in Annapolis for your tree and shrub care services we can provide you with all your plant needs, whatever they may be. From a general inspection, to pruning or requested treatments, we are here to keep your plants thriving. As it turns into fall now is the perfect time to schedule a checkup appointment. An examination of your trees can help us to touch base with how things are going and spot any possible issues that could hinder the growth of your shrubs. Autumn is also a good time for a scan because we can prepare your plants for the inclement weather that is expected for the winter. Since we are a landscaping company for Annapolis Maryland and a locally based business we are familiar with the climate and know what it takes to help a plant survive wintertime on the east coast. A consultation with one of our lawn care service experts can help to ensure that your plants are prepped for the harsher weather and drops in temperature. We also offer mulching and stoning, leaf removal and a complete money saving Fall Cleanup which provide another way to protect plants from the colder months. Our tree and shrub care services are helpful all year round, but can be crucial to your plants’ survival during the winter, which is why we encourage customers to make an appointment as soon as possible with our landscapers in Annapolis MD.

Landscapers in Annapolis

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Oct 20th, 2017

Flower & Plant Beds, Leaf Removal

As autumn approaches there is no better time than now to update your home’s landscape to better fit the season. With decades of combined experience as landscapers in Annapolis, we have been in business through many season changes and can help you decide which plants are best for your home. Choosing which plants to add to your gardens is much more than deciding which ones look the best, it also deals with which ones will grow the best in regards to the area of your yard and our Annapolis climate. We can help guide you, giving you tips for your landscape, like that petunias and marigolds love the sun, while bleeding hearts and hydrangeas grow the best when placed in the shade. The importance of leaf removal so mold doesn’t grow and soil stays healthy. By planting flowers where they are most likely to thrive you can enjoy their blossoms for longer. There is no need to go through the guesswork and hassle of picking out plants. Give our professional landscapers in Annapolis a call so they can take care of everything for you and you can enjoy your fall foliage without having to lift a finger. Don’t stop at our landscape and lawn care services, we also specialize in landscape lighting in Annapolis, so you and your neighbors can appreciate your beautifully designed landscape anytime of day!  Healthy landscape services brings healthy animals to your Annapolis landscaping.

Landscapers in Annapolis MD

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Oct 13th, 2017

Leaf removal, Rake Leaves

It’s that time of year again where we can all enjoy the changing colors of the leaves including our Landscapers in Annapolis. While the newly colored trees look nice for now, a yard full of fallen leaves doesn’t have the same curb appeal as a clean, green lawn. When it comes to proper leaf removal there are a few key tools that can aid in cleaning up your lawn. The most basic of these essentials is a rake, but the more serious jobs can require a leaf blower or a yard vacuum. While these tools are more than capable of helping to get the job done, nothing is easier than picking up the phone and giving our landscapers in Annapolis call. By using our service you don’t have to worry about what supplies to buy, we come prepared for you. This also means you don’t have to worry about how to store all those tools during the offseason. The fallen leaves are nice to look at, but can be detrimental to your lawn’s health. Prevent having to do any extra lawn care steps in the spring by being proactive now. A layer of leaves in your yard can prevent the grass underneath from receiving the proper amount of sunlight and water, stunting its growth for future seasons. Also, leaves can attract unwanted insects. By giving us a call you can enjoy the fall season without the hassle of having to deal with raking and bagging endless amounts of leaves. Just because the season changes, doesn’t mean your curb appeal has to. Keep your flowers and flower beds looking great by keeping the leaves out of them.  We can remove your leaves quickly and efficiently, keeping your lawn looking clean and letting you spend your free time how you want to.  Give us a call for all you landscaping and lawn care needs in Annapolis like grass cutting, edging, trimming, leaf removal, hardscaping, residential and commercial flower and plant beds. (410) 216-7825

Landscapers Leaf removal in Annapolis

Landscape in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Oct 6th, 2017

Flowers, Grass, Mulch

Fall is coming to Annapolis lawn care and landscaping with a dry warm start.  These morning glories are performing well with a bit of watering to help them keep their energy to produce flowers.  We can learn a bit about how to keep grass green and healthy from these flowering blooms in their plant beds.  Leaving grass a little longer and well watered can help grass to avoid going brown.  Even with great watering plans and proper length you should still consider seeding, aeration and planning fertilizing.  Great Lawn care is not as simple as it seems in Annapolis.  If you are inexperienced you may have great success with seeding as it needs to be chosen properly to fit your yard, amount of sunlight and shade, temperatures and soil quality.  You can waste a lot of money if you are not careful.  Timing is important.  We are ready to help with all your landscaping services and lawn care in Annapolis.  Aeration can help to make space for nutrients, water and air to get into the system.  Aerating a yard can make for deeper roots and that helps to make a healthier plant, which can withstand more harsh conditions.  With more than 22 days and no significant rain in Annapolis many landscaping components are having a hard time.  Consider watering and give us a call for irrigation system questions.  We’re ready to be that “landscaper near me” in Annapolis Maryland.  (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care Landscapers Annapolis

Landscape in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Sept 29th, 2017

Plants, Leaves, Trees & Shrubs

Landscapers in Annapolis get to know the details needed to create colorful spaces even in Fall.  Many think of spring and summer as the time when colors are prevalent in landscapes and lawns.  That’s true however it’s important not to overlook the Fall season in Annapolis.  Leaves turn a variety of colors, properly cared for lawns with grass cutting, watered and a good balance of nutrient can hold it’s green color well into fall.  Trees, shrubs plant beds and crepe myrtles can continue to produce their colors through September and into October.  When grass needs cut, leaves need raked, trees need trimmed, pruned, mulch and stone applied or you are ready for a hardscaping landscape feature, give us a call.  We are the landscapers near me in Annapolis Maryland.  Ready for that free estimate? (410) 216-7825

Landscapes in Annapolis

Landscape in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Sept 22nd, 2017

Grass Seeding – Lawn Yards

Annapolis Landscapers get to solve lawn issues like thin and patches of grass in otherwise beautiful yards.  Seeding and reseeding grass can help in problem areas around your home or business.  Success with seeding is more than spreading a little grass seed as many have learned.  Although it’s strange how grass can seem to flourish in some of the strangest places, like a single crack in the concrete.  However it is quite hard to get grass to grow well under trees and large bushes.  Generally the reason for grass areas failing around trees and shrubs is the nutrients, light and water is “used up” by the tree or shrub.  We have the decades of combined experience with the landscape in Annapolis to solve these issues.  Knowing how much to seed, when and how much to water, when to cut the grass are all important to being successful in reseeding your lawn in Annapolis.  Whether you need the right balance of water, trimming, pruning, fertilizer or reseeding of your grass to make your lawn full, we can help.  Your yard can be the envy of the community with very affordable landscaping in Annapolis Maryland.

grass seeding the lawn or yard in Annapolis

Landscape in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Sept 15th, 2017

Grass Aeration – Strong Yards

Just like a gold finch will work hard in the Fall season to be prepared so do our landscapers in Annapolis.  Deciding to landscape your property can help immensely in increasing curb appeal and help in time to resell.  Planning on staying in your Annapolis home for the long term? Then professional landscape services can help to create a haven in which you can relax and get the stress out after a long day.  Your family can enjoy the lawn care space without having to spend your evenings and weekends to simply keep the grass cut, store the lawn mower and smelly gasoline can.   It’s time for aeration.

We’re ready to help with all your landscape needs, trees, mulch, shrubs, plant beds, complete redesign, landscape lighting, hardscaping and don’t forget grass mowing and aeration in Annapolis.  Being local means a lot of experience has gone into the designs and lawn care in Annapolis.  That experience allows us to know the details of tree leaves, leaf pickup and keeping your acidity levels balanced to keep that grass green, deep roots and able to withstand the coming winter, ready to flourish in the spring.  We’re planning ahead on aeration services, so give us a call if you are looking for a “landscaper near me” which is pleasant to work with, dependable and open to your design dreams of landscape in Annapolis.

Landcape Annapolis

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Sept 8th, 2017

Seeding in the Fall

“How to reseed a lawn in the fall” is an important step for landscapers in Annapolis.  Experience in seeding a lawn can help with real world results.  Simply throwing seed out into the grass and hoping for the best is not a money saving step.  Knowing when, how and how much to seed can save money on the seeding as well as the care needed in the Spring.  Proper planning and execution of seeding for Annapolis lawns will mean a healthier, stronger “grassy” yard. And we’re all about “grassy green healthy” success.  With soil still warm right now grass seed will have the right conditions to get the start it needs without the Scorching summer sun.  Our experience as landscapers in Annapolis allows us to inspect your grass type, needs and issues.  Finding those trouble patches and knowing the conditions, like the amount of sun, rain and possible standing or running water will increase the odds of success in a great yard.  It’s a great time to schedule Affordable seeding with your “Landscapers near Me” in Annapolis.

Landscapers lawn Care in Annapolis


Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Sept 1st, 2017

Mowing Grass, Lawn Care

As professional landscapers in Annapolis we do spend a lot of time cutting grass at affordable prices.  Trimming, trees and bushes, edging the yard and general lawn care.  However we do much more than that.   Leaf removal by us, as opposed to you raking leaves again this Fall is going to free up your time, save your aching back and probably improve the time for your favorite hobby.  Time with the family and enjoying travel in the brisk temps of the Fall on the boat or visiting friends is more important than raking the leaves and cutting the grass.  Sept 22nd is what the calendar says is Fall but if we keep up these temps and especially cool nights we will be enjoying Fall much earlier.  We can help with Fall lawn care in Annapolis as we plan for a healthy lawn, flowers and trees over the winter and ready for next spring.  Preparation is important and a little can go a long way in keeping a great looking landscape throughout the year.  A large part of that is getting the leaves up and out of the grass before they start to breakdown and weaken or even kill your grass.  We can help with your business or commercial property landscaping with our commercial landscapers.  Give us a call for all your landscaping and lawn care in Annapolis like, tree pruning, leaf removal, cutting the grass, mulch, stone hardscaping and landscape lighting.  (410) 216-7825

grass cutter Annapolis MD

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Aug 25th, 2017

Flower Bed, Gardens, Plant Beds

Flower beds, flower gardens or “plant beds” are quite common with our landscapers in Annapolis.  As we provide lawn care like “cutting the grass”or “lawn mowing” we see the opportunity to increase the overall design.  Landscape design can change over time as tastes change.  Adding a flower garden or plant bed will change the focus of the landscaping and provides curb appeal.  Attracting the visitor’s eye with a colorful purple or red set of flowering plants can bring attention to a specific area of the lawn while distracting from another.  We are ready to bring our decades of combined experience as Landscapers in Annapolis to listen to your needs and provide you with polite, valuable landscape design and maintenance.   (410) 216-7825

Landscapers Annapolis Flower beds

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Aug 18th, 2017

The Maryland state flower – The Blackeyed Susan is beautiful and functional, providing for insects and pleasing to our eyes.  Rudbeckia hirta is the scientific name for the plant bearing its green stem, yellow petals and black center.  Our Landscapers in Annapolis get to help plant, nourish, water and care for these flowers as well as periodic lawn care like grass mowing, tree pruning, stone and mulch installation.  Landscape lighting can help with accenting these hardy flowers throughout the last light of the evening.  As people move around the water front they enjoy the proper landscape lighting and the safety it brings.  If you are looking for a hassle free landscaping results in Annapolis and we’ll show you polite and pleasant landscapers.  (410) 216-7825

Landscapers in Annapolis

Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Aug 10th, 2017

Morning glories are climbing and in bloom in and we are seeing quite a few as Landscapers in Annapolis Maryland. You might have heard other names for this flowering, climbing plant like; koali awa, and blue dawn flower however the formal name is Ipomoea indica. They grow well in our area and if started from a seed will do best if the HARD seed is nicked or cut and allowed to soak for the night before planting. You can plant them about 1/2 inch of covering soil and they do not demand great soil quality. As a climbing vine they do well when you create a place for them to climb like this image shows an old porch support wrapped with a twine to allow the Morning glory to climb up. If you see your vine not catching hold you can help it a little by wrapping it a time or two around the twine, post, fence or trellis in your Annapolis yard or business.
We are ready to help as your Landscapers in Annapolis Maryland. Give us a call and get to know us! From getting the grass mowed, trimming, mulch & stone, tree trimming to fall leaf cleanup we are the trusted landscaping company in Annapolis Maryland.

Landscapers in Annapolis


Landscapers in Annapolis and Lawn Care – Aug 4th, 2017

Looking for trusted landscapers in Annapolis should be an easy task.  We stand by our word and proving landscaping services like mowing the grass, landscape lighting, mulch and stone installs, tree services and hardscaping should be done reliably and with proven results.  Building a reputation as a trusted company is like building a good lawn, it should grow over time, it should be dependable, comfortable and worth the time and effort put into it.  We’re thankful for everyone of our yards and the people that we get to share the views and results of landscaping in Annapolis Maryland.  From a single home to a HOA (home owners association) with a community full of houses we build that honest relationship one plant, one blade of grass at a time.  Answering questions like the details of keeping canna lilies in Annapolis and how they need to be protected from freezing the rhizome over the winter.  We’re ready to help as your “grass mowers” tree pruners, stone and mulch installs, lighting and all your landscaping in Annapolis Maryland.

Landscapers in Annapolis

Landscapers Annapolis Lawn Care – July 28th, 2017

Creating great landscaping in Annapolis can include spaces for hummingbirds.  Our landscapers in Annapolis get to see these little “nimble acrobats” as we cut grass, spread mulch, stone, plant trees and install landscape lighting. Here’s some tips for success attracting and keeping hummingbirds around your lawn.  When filling up the feeder keep in mind that it’s recommended to change the food every few days to prevent mold, so it may be best to only fill the container up halfway. Some other ways you can make your backyard more hummingbird friendly are by planting cardinal flowers. These are a favorite of hummingbirds and are perfect because of their bright red color. Petunias, canna lilies and fuchsias are also known for being appealing to hummingbirds. Something to note when it comes to taking care of your hummingbird plants is to not use harsh pesticides. Spraying toxic chemicals not only directly affects the hummingbirds, but is also harmful to their food source. On the topic of insects, hummingbirds use spider webs to make their nests, so resist the urge to knock down any webs you come across. Hummingbirds are fun to watch and easier than you may think to attract.  If you are looking for a trusted lawn care company to cut your grass or a complete redesign we are ready to help as the best landscapers in Annapolis Maryland.

Landscapers & Lawn Care Annapolis MD

Landscapers Annapolis Lawn Care – July 21st, 2017

Nothing sets up a house for great curb appeal better than a green lawn, that means great lawn care in Annapolis. So, if you find your grass looking less than desired try using sod to revive your yard. While planting your own grass seeds may seem like the cheaper route, sod has many benefits and in the end may be the better choice for your situation. To start off, sod is the quickest way to get your yard back in shape. Looking to sell and need sod in Annapolis? Using seed to revamp your outdoor space takes a lot of effort and time and cooperation from the weather. Why would you want to wait for all those grass seeds to sprout when a sodded lawn in Annapolis gives you instant gratification? Establishing a seeded lawn requires months of extra maintenance, while sodding needs little effort to acclimate to your yard. When it comes to sodding, keeping it regularly watered will be the only thing on your to-do list. Bonus- it needs about half the amount watering that a seeded lawn would need. This not only means less maintenance, but a smaller water bill. In the summer months nothing is more crucial than staying cool and your lawn can help with that. The temperature difference between soil and grass is fifteen degrees, and the difference between asphalt and grass is two times that. Having a sodded yard in Annapolis not only makes your lawn look better, but it creates a cool, safe area for kids and pets to roam without them getting unnecessarily hot. We can bring professional results in all types of landscaping in Annapolis like, low wattage lighting, tree and shrub care, HOA, mulch and stone, even complete landscape design.  When it comes to choosing between having a seeded lawn and a sodded lawn, the grass is much greener on the sodded lawn side.

Landscapers and Lawn care in Annapolis Maryland

Landscapers Annapolis Lawn Care – July 14th, 2017

As landscapers in Annapolis we get to provide some helpful hardscaping. Your outdoor space is an extension of your house, so why not extend the warmth of your home outside? Hardscaping is perfect for any homeowners who are looking to revive a tired backyard. Once the project is complete you can instantly become the neighborhood’s newest summer hotspot. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to amp up your yard then look no further. With hardscaping you can create a fire pit, ideal for any outdoorsy family looking to bring the feeling of camping to their own backyard. Fire pits are excellent for weekend weenie roasts followed by s’mores. If you’d like something a little more elevated an alternative would be an outdoor fireplace. You could still enjoy the same activities that you get with a fire pit, but with a different look. Both are great for cooking and staying warm on cool summer nights. When creating your personal, outdoor space don’t forget about seating. Hardscaping can be used to create low walls, which are perfect for segmenting your yard, or if designed in the right way, can even be used as additional seating. Use hardscaping to create a pathway through a garden, giving guests a chance to walk through and appreciate your landscape without trampling plants. Bricks are an inexpensive option for backyard walkways, while granite stones provide the perfect non-slip surface for high traffic areas. Looking to tackle a smaller project? Consider using edging bricks as a way to line the perimeter of your garden. This keeps the plants better contained in one area, while also giving the appearance of a more orderly garden. Hardscaping is a great way to bring an element of design to your backyard, through both small and big projects alike.  Ready for trusted, hard working landscapers in Annapolis to provide lawn care, lawn mowing, mulch, stone, sod, tree and shrub care, landscape lighting and beginning to end landscape design ideas? Annapolis Lawn Care

Landscapers Annapolis Lawn Care – July 7th, 2017

Residential lawn care is an important part of maintaining the curb appeal of your home. In order to make sure that your lawn is ready for your outdoor activities this summer, you may want to consider setting up professional landscaping serving Annapolis. With professional lawn care services, you can ensure that your lawn is receiving all of the care it needs to remain green, vibrant, and healthy. Before you schedule your lawn care appointment, you may want to get as much information as possible about your services. Read on for some handy questions to ask your professional lawn care company.

What Kinds of Services Does My Annapolis Yard Need?

When you are considering hiring a professional lawn care company, you may want to ask your lawn care technician about the types of services that may be best for your yard and lawn. For example, after a careful evaluation, your technician may be able to recommend a specific program for fertilizing and cutting your lawn. In addition, you may be eligible for other services, such as hedging and tree trimming or mulch and stone landscaping in Annapolis.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

As you are booking services with a lawn care company in your area, you may want to ask them about the kinds of equipment that they will use to care for your lawn and yard. A quality landscaping service will use the best available equipment to ensure that your yard looks its best. You may also want to ask your lawn care company about the types of fertilizers that they plan on using on your lawn.

Can You Provide Me With an Estimate?
A final question that you may want to ask your professional lawn care company is about the potential of receiving an estimate for the services that will be performed. After reviewing the size and condition of your lawn, a lawn care technician should be able to provide you with a specific breakdown of all of the services that you will need.  As Landscapers in Annapolis we are ready to bring our landscaping designs, ideas, lawn care, grass cutting, tree and shrub trimming to your home or business.Landscapers in Annapolis MD

Landscapers Annapolis Lawn Care – June 30th, 2017

Maybe you already have a well-manicured lawn and a beautiful collection of trees and shrubs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your landscaping. If you want to transform your landscape and make it even more breathtaking, say hello to your new best friend: concrete. With a few special touches and accents, concrete can elevate even the most pristine landscape design. And if you are starting from scratch, be sure to discuss concrete borders and curbing with your Annapolis landscaping company. Here are some of the top reasons to incorporate concrete into your landscape design.

Contrasting Colors and Textures in Annapolis

One of the keys of having a striking landscape is breaking up the scene with different colors and textures. This can be difficult to do with grass, flowers, and trees alone since foliage tends to clump together visually. Concrete landscape curbing will inject some much-needed visual and textural contrast into your landscape design, which will in turn highlight your beautiful lawn and manicured trees.

Unlimited Annapolis Landscaping Design Possibilities

Unlike traditional metal curbing, concrete curbing can be laid down in virtually any shape you wish. This means concrete more easily follows the natural curves and lines that your landscape may have, which will create a better sense of flow throughout your front or backyard. With metal curbing, you are either limited to pre-fabricated shapes or sizes or you must settle with the look of bent metal. Your landscaper design company can also recommend custom colors and patterns to match a specific color or feature you wish to highlight.

Durable Annapolis Landscape Feature

Concrete curbing is also the ideal landscape feature thanks to its strength and durability. If you are tired of replacing rusted or broken landscape edging, talk to your landscape designer about replacing it with concrete. Concrete curbing will stand up to the elements for many years to come, and may actually look better with a little age and weathering.

Annapolis Landscapers Friendly

Part of being a good landscaper in Annapolis is having good manners, behaving politely and treating others as you would wish to be treated.  This makes for a better day, better business, better relationships and a better Annapolis community.  Part of that is using responsible landscaping techniques, equipment and materials.  As landscapers in Annapolis we get to see sights like this hawk and get to share it with you all.Landscapers in Annapolis


Landscapers Annapolis Lawn Care – June 23rd, 2017

Everybody wants to show up to a beautiful work place or come home to a gorgeous house, and this goal is entirely possible to achieve. However, you will need to provide some grounds maintenance in order for your landscaping serving Annapolis including tree and shrub care to stand the test of time. Make sure you plan your projects in advance and stick to a regular schedule; you can even hire a lawn maintenance service. Consider the way different types of lighting can accent your landscaping and make for stellar after-dark scenes. Boost your home’s curb appeal with these landscaping tips.

Plan In Advance

The most successful projects tend to be planned out far in advance. If you are rushing through your landscaping project, you are more likely to overlook certain important details, which could throw off your entire design. Be sure to take your time when you make adjustments or additions to your landscaping. In addition to how your project will affect the aesthetics of your property, consider how it will affect the way you use it. Give yourself some time to look for inspiration so you can make a landscaping addition that truly improves your home through quality landscape design in Annapolis.

Provide Regular Lawn Care Maintenance in Annapolis

Your brand new landscaping features probably look great, but what will they look like in a year from now? The answer is entirely up to you. If you leave your landscaping alone and expect it to take care of itself, its aesthetic appeal will probably suffer a significant drop over time. If you stay on top of it and remain committed to maintaining your property, however, you can continue to enjoy your home’s curb appeal. If you don’t have the time to provide the necessary landscaping maintenance, consider calling in a professional lawn care service.

Experiment with Landscape Lighting in Annapolis

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean people should stop appreciating your Annapolis landscaping. Fortunately the right landscape lighting can let you and your neighbors enjoy your landscaping all night long. There are plenty of different types of landscape lighting to choose from, so experiment with different options and figure out what works best for your property.Best Landscapers in Annapolis MD



Landscapers Annapolis – June 16th, 2017 – Beautiful Ideas for Your Home’s Landscaping

Does the landscaping surrounding the outside of your home look dull, or has it been awhile since you’ve had a chance to update it? There are steps that you can take right now to bring it back to life. By working with a company that provides landscaping services near Annapolis, you can put together a landscaping design that you will be proud of and that will improve the curb appeal of your home. Check out a few of the ideas you can incorporate into your yard today.

Plant flower beds around the perimeter of your Annapolis home using mulch.

One of the quickest ways to improve the look of your yard is to plant flower beds around the outside of your home using fresh mulch. A professional landscaper will be able to build you flower beds that are just about any shape or size you want. Whether you ultimately decide on something simple or something more intricate, your new flower beds will complement the front of your home and define the style of your yard. You will notice a big difference in the appearance of your landscaping right away when your flower beds are installed.

Add trees and shrubs to your yard that won’t require much maintenance.

Once you have flower beds in place, it will be time to add some trees and shrubs to your outdoor space. You want to plant trees and shrubs that are specific to your area, so that you don’t run into any issues when it gets very hot or very cold outside. A landscaping company will be able to tell you which types of trees and shrubs would be best for your yard.

Build a water feature that will make your property soothing.

From planting a garden in your backyard to putting down a patio, there are dozens of other things you can do to improve your home’s landscaping. One really interesting idea is building a water feature like a waterfall or pond that will make the space soothing and serve as the focal point of your property. We can help with all your Landscaping and Lawn Care in Annapolis MDLandscaping in Annapolis MD

Landscapers Annapolis – June 9th, 2017 – Touring the Most Important Lawn Care for Your Yard

Keeping your yard green, full, and healthy takes the right combination of lawn services for Landscapers in Annapolis. If you’re concerned about maintaining your grass’ integrity and appearance, keep in mind that mowing, fertilizing, and aeration are three of the most vital lawn care in Annapolis.

Mowing Services Annapolis

During the growing season, your turf shouldn’t be trimmed shorter than two or three inches, but regular mowing is a critical service needed for a healthy, beautiful lawn. When grass is allowed to grow too long, several problems can follow. First, when more than one-third of the grass is cut off at a time, it can compromise your lawn’s integrity and put it under unnecessary stress. Also, the clippings that are left behind are too big to easily integrate back into the soil. Long clippings should be collected from your lawn to prevent patchiness, blockage of sun and oxygen to the roots, and the potential for mold and bacteria growth.

Fertilizing Services

Proper fertilization is an essential step in lawn care. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron are four of the most important nutrients needed by your lawn for it to remain healthy and lush. Professional landscapers can often tell what type of fertilizer a lawn needs simply by spotting deficiency symptoms such as yellowing, slow growth, and other signs of stress. Homeowners frequently have their lawn fertilized once and then put it out of mind, but as your grass grows, it’s depleting its nutrient stores. Fertilization replenishes your yard’s food supply and will give it the strength it needs to recover from weed growth, foot traffic, and other types of damage.Landscapers in Annapolis

Annapolis Aeration Services

The health of your yard hinges greatly on the status of its root system. Sunlight, oxygen, water, and nutrients must all penetrate your lawn’s thatch layer for it to remain vibrant and active. Aeration treatment creates small perforations throughout your turf to encourage air flow and to allow other essential elements to reach your lawn’s roots. Aeration services are most beneficial when done at the start of the growing season for your grass species.  As Landscapers in Annapolis we can help with all your lawn care needs. (410) 216-7825

Landscaping Annapolis – June 2nd, 2017

Planting the right trees is one thing, but taking care of your landscaping near Annapolis is another. If you want to make sure your landscaping stays as beautiful as it can for as long as possible, you will need to recognize when something goes wrong. If you don’t have the time or ability to inspect your Annapolis trees and shrubs, consider working with a professional landscaper for extra help. The sooner you realize that your trees and shrubs have a fungus problem, the sooner you can step takes to deal with it. Here is a look at some of the signs that your trees or shrubs need a fungicide treatment.

A tree with a fungus problem could very well be in bad shape or even critical condition, so you should familiarize yourself with the signs and act quickly. Be sure to contact your landscaper if your tree seems to be struggling to grow and thrive. In certain cases, it can be rather easy to determine whether or not a tree has a fungus issue; if you notice large fungus growing from your tree, it may be a good idea to call your professional landscaper and see if there is anything you can do. Depending on how long the problem has persisted, the tree may or may not be salvageable.  We are ready to help with all your needs for landscaping in Annapolis.Landscaping in Annapolis MD

Landscape Design in Annapolis MD – May 26th, 2017

When it comes to a well laid out landscape design in Annapolis there is one simple thing that is key to the success of the design. The key is to work with someone that has work their way from bottom to the top, Yes I know you are asking yourself well doesn’t everyone do this and the answer is no. A lot of company’s just create beds and throw plants in the ground without a care in the world, other company’s pay large landscape design firms a ton of cash or even hire people straight out of college without the necessary experience and the one simple thing that they all are missing is time on a tractor, time behind a push mower and time with a string trimmer. All these things play a huge role in developing a well laid out design. Things like when a tractor is cutting grass and they are cutting right along a flower bed, will the mower throw grass clippings into the bed nearest you? How large of a mower can you fit into someones yard and still be able to give them a quality cut, how can we minimize string trimming and push mowing so the maintenance costs are not to high to manage. These are just a few questions a designer needs to be asking themselves throughout the designing of a beautiful landscape. So back to the key, when looking for a landscape company first always call Laser Cut HAHA 😊 Always take a step back and look at the 3 or 4 keys that we talked about and than move on to what style is best for your landscape Design in Annapolis. Landscaper in Annapolis MD

Landscaping in Annapolis

Landscaping in Annapolis

Landscapers in Annapolis have a unique challenge in integrating beautiful design with the functionality of the tighter spaces.  Our Innovation will worth with your dreams to find the solution to enhance your home, business or commercial space.  Give us a call for all your Annapolis landscaping needs including but not limited to Design, Maintenance, Installation, Spring Cleanup, Irrigation, Lawn Care from mowing the lawn to sod replacement.   (410) 216-7825

Annapolis Landscapers – May 19th, 2017

We handle large projects as HOA landscapers in Annapolis and small projects for residents.  Businesses want to make a great first impression and show their attention to detail and overall quality from the first sight of their location.  We can help with all matters that are in your design plans.  Give us a call for all your needs like mulch, tree and shrub pruning and replacement, landscape lighting, hardscaping, turf, sod and another other services we can provide as an Annapolis Landscaper for your home or HOA.

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