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Late May – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Landscaping for Healthy Lawn and Garden

Everyone wants a healthy lawn and garden, but sometimes it can seem impossible to achieve. Let our Odenton landscapers be your lawn care gurus. With almost two decades of experience, this is a group that knows what needs to be done to create the perfect lawn. As with any other project, you want to start off on the right foot. For yards this means mulching, aerating, and fertilizing. For flower beds mulching provides protection from the elements, as well as weeds, helping to give your new blooms a fighting chance. Mulch also provides nutrients and holds moisture to keep the dirt damp for the plants. Grass Mowing Odenton Maryland

Just like having our Odenton landscapers apply mulch to gardens helps the flowers, aerating and fertilizing helps the lawn. Fertilizing puts nutrients back into the soil, helping grass to grow healthy. By adding small punctures to the ground, aerating makes the fertilizer application more effective. It becomes easier for seeds, water, and other nutrients to reach the roots. These methods aren’t guaranteed ways to get a great looking lawn, but they sure do help a lot. After 17 years of experience we know the tips and techniques for application methods that will help to make these tasks even more effective. Put us to the test by scheduling an appointment with an Odenton landscaper today.

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Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD – Early May

Landscaping for Trees, Shrubs, Bushes

For some homeowners, taking care of a landscape can be an intimidating task. When you rely on our Odenton landscapers though, you can feel a little more confident. Our specialists have been in the Anne Arundel County area since 2001, helping people from Annapolis to Severna Park manage their residential and commercial properties, plant & Flower beds and of course lawns. One area of the property that causes some issues amongst homeowners are the trees and shrubs. While flowers are usually a little easier to maintain, trees and shrubs require a whole new set of tasks, mainly trimming and pruning. We know it can be difficult to figure out how to properly trim and prune different plants in your yard, which is why we offer our tree and shrub care. Landscapers Odenton MD

While this service does cover other aspects like pest control and fungicide treatments, one of the biggest requests our Odenton landscapers receive is trimming. We can cut and shape your hedges, as well as prune any dead branches that could inhibit growth and possibly become a hazard to the plant. In the fall, we can come back to ensure that everything looks clean for winter and we can help from start to finish with landscape design, planting newly designed flower beds, even dead-head your perennial flowers. Your lawn isn’t the only thing on the property that requires a trim. Work with our landscapers in Odenton to ensure that all aspects of your yard or business front looks tidy. We’ve been doing this work for 17 years and their experience is reflected in their care and workmanship.  Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD – April

Landscaping for Decks

Our Odenton landscapers’ help goes far beyond the garden and the lawn. They can assist with all of your lighting and hardscaping projects as well. So, if you’ve always wanted to add a deck to your home, now is the time. Since the establishment of our business in 2001, we have helped many homeowners throughout the Anne Arundel and Howard county areas improve their backyard space. One of the ways we’ve done so is by constructing decks. Decks are a great addition. While an open, green grass backyard is nice, they prove to be less than perfect when looking for a spot to set up a grill, table, and chairs.

With a deck you’re able to still enjoy the outdoors, but in a more accessible spot. Our Odenton landscapers can help you draft a deck design that flows the best with your backyard, executing the project in a timely fashion. If you’d still like the party space, but aren’t sure if a deck would work for your home, then consider adding a patio. We can help with that too. For the home entertainers who are looking to do something a little extra we highly recommend adding some exterior landscape lighting as well. It’s the perfect way to take a space from day to night. Whatever backyard addition you’re looking to create make sure to talk with one of our talented Odenton landscapers before you begin. They can construct a design that you’ll love for years to come.  Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care and Landscaping in Odenton MD

Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD – March

Landscaping for Turf, Grass, Lawns

When it comes to your lawn you can’t take any shortcuts. If you want the great payoff, but are less than enthused about the work required, then talk with one of our Odenton landscapers. We can ensure that your yard is green and lush, without you having to do a single chore. One of the ways we can help your lawn to look its best is with our turf restoration service. Turf restoration is a multi-step process that involves preparing the site, planting the seeds, and following up with the correct care. We can handle it all, making sure that grass is properly taking root, so that you can enjoy a great looking lawn soon enough.

Once the growth has begun our Odenton landscapers can be counted on take care of all the mowing, edging, and weeding that will be necessary to keep it looking great. We’re a full service company that will be there from the start to the finish. After 17 years we know a thing or two about how to restore lawns and maintain a great appearance. We’ve worked for homeowners and businesses across the Anne Arundel county. Our excellent service has created happy, loyal customers who continue to come to us for all of their lawn care needs. If you’re in the local area and would like some help with your lawn care, then reach out to a Odenton landscaper today.  Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

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