As licensed & insured landscapers in Parole MD 21401 we take pride in our landscaping services.  From lawn care maintenance like “grass mowing” to complete landscape design, lighting, tree and shrub trimming, hardscaping, turf and sod installations and state approved fertilizer we are ready to bring trusted results in Parole Maryland 21401.  When you are looking to Save Time and Money by hiring the right landscaper you can gain your free time and space in the garage from storing all that gas and equipment we’re ready to earn your trust. Free Estimate from landscapers in Parole MD.  (410) 216-7825

Landscapers Parole MD 21401


June – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscaping Colors

Brilliant green grass mowing, colorful landscaping baskets, plant and flower beds and fragrant mulch are helping landscapers in Parole Maryland.  Tree and shrub trimming has helped to create well shaped, attractive landscape components.  Lawn care has increased with the amounts of rain and sunshine this June.

Landscape Parole, Maryland

Grass cutting with the proper techniques can be through the rains of spring.  Heavy rains can cause lawns to grow quickly and cutting at the wrong time with heavy equipment can damage low “swampy” parts of lawns.  Having the experience in Maryland means that we can help with timing.

Lawn Mowers Parole Maryland

Hardscaping projects are growing in popularity as we all invest in our existing homes and property.  We can help with decks, patios, retaining walls and other hardscaping projects. We bring our decades of combined experience to your home, business, commercial property or HOA to lend a hand in providing cutting edge landscape services in Parole, Maryland.  Free Estimates: (410) 216-7825

Late May – HOA Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

Home Owners Associations Landscaping

When you’re in charge of your HOA’s landscaping, all you want is to find a good, dependable company that can do it all, so that your life is a little easier. Look no further than our Parole Maryland landscapers. Over the years, we’ve worked on individual homes, communities,HOAs and businesses. You don’t get that kind of experience unless you have an ongoing list of happy clients that keep requesting and recommending your services. Your neighborhood will be in great hands. From aerating in the spring, to removing snow in the winter, there’s something that needs to be done every season and there are plenty of ways our Parole Maryland landscapers can help.Parole Maryland Landscape

Together, we can sit down and discuss the services that you’re looking to have completed, allowing us to come up with a schedule that will leave your property looking great. We’re prepped with the knowledge and geared up with the right equipment, so that we can easily start sprucing up your space. Between attracting new buyers and making existing ones feel comfortable, there’s a lot riding on keeping your HOA’s landscape looking great. With all the tasks that go into creating a lively neighborhood you could find yourself having to hire multiple groups just to complete all the jobs. When you work with our Parole Maryland landscapers though you don’t have to do that. Call today to find out all that we can do for you and your community. Free Estimate (410) 216-7825


Early May – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

Landscaping for Weeding and Mulching

You don’t have to be a long time gardener/landscaper to know what a headache weeds can be. Our Parole MD landscapers can assist with your weed management to hopefully make lawn care more enjoyable again. Unfortunately, there’s not one method that seems to get rid of weeds for good, but there are a few different services we offer that have been known to decrease the amount of weeds in customers’ lawns. The first thing we can do is apply mulch. Not only does mulch protect plants’ roots from harsh weather conditions, but it’s also a great way to hinder the growth of weeds. Our landscapers can determine what the best type of mulch for your flower beds would be, encouraging the growth of flowers, while discouraging weed growth.Best landscapers Parole Maryland

Our Parole MD landscapers can also go all in by applying weed services to give your flower and plants more of a fighting chance. For those starting their yard off with the bare minimum we do offer sod application and while you may only think of sod as a way to get a green lawn, it’s also a great way to start your yard off weed-free. If nothing else seems to take care of the issue, then we can handle the weeding with advanced techniques. While weeding on your own may be a tedious time wasting weekend, we’re equipped for the job. Our lawn care maintenance is a full service that takes care of many aspects of your yard, including weeds. From the most avid gardeners to the beginners, everyone has troubles with weeds. Battle back today by partnering with our Parole MD landscapers.  Free Estimate (410) 216-7825

Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401 – Late April

Landscaping for Lawn Mowing and Mulching

The springtime provides a great opportunity to start fresh with your lawn and with the help of our Parole MD landscapers it couldn’t be easier. We know exactly what your yard needs, so that it gets the TLC it requires after a long, cold season. Over the winter it’s easy to put off yard chores because of the cold temperatures. Maybe there’s still some leaves leftover from fall, or some fallen branches or twigs from a rough winter storm. When they’re left here and there these things may not seem like a big deal, but they can quickly clutter your property. Not only does this make the appearance of your yard less than desirable, but it could also be harmful to grass growth as well. We can clean up this debris, making sure your lawn is free and clear of unwanted yard waste. Something else that will bring your landscaping back to life is mulching.

Landscapers Parole MD

Our Parole Maryland landscapers can stir and rake existing mulch and replace as needed to de-clump and eliminate mold. We can also apply a new layer or even create spaces for Flower and plant beds to freshen things up a this spring. Mulching is an integral piece for every successful garden.

Beginning with Lawn Maintenance to save your time and look great. To finish off we can seed, aerate and fertilize lawns at the proper times of the year. After a few consecutive cold months the ground can be dry and hard, making it more difficult for new grass to take root and grow. Aerating will help to open up the soil, bringing it back to life. Because aerating loosens up the dirt, nutrients have an easier time making their way to the base of the grass, which means watering and fertilizing become more effective. Reviving a lawn after a long winter can be tough work, especially after months of snow and ice. We’ve been helping customers with their lawns since 2001, so we know the steps necessary to getting yards back up to standard after facing cold temperatures. Reach out to our Parole, MD landscapers today to talk more about how we can get your lawn spring ready.

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Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401 – Early April

Landscaping for Grass Cutting and Hardscaping

Grass cutting and lawn care is a large part of the services we provide in Parole.  Edging, trimming, trees shrubs, aerating, fertilizing and seeding can make for a beautiful landscape. Retaining walls are a perfect example of when function meets design. Our landscapers in Parole MD can add retaining walls to your backyard that not only serve a purpose beyond aesthetics, but also blend in with the rest of the space’s design. Retaining walls can be beneficial in many types of backyards and can fulfill multiple jobs. For the family that loves to garden and plant, retaining walls can be used as a barrier for gardens and beds, keeping in mulch and keeping others out. A raised garden is great way to keep critters and guests from trampling around. These walls are also an ideal option if you’re looking to prevent soil erosion. This is especially helpful for homeowners with sloped backyards.

Lawn Care Parole MD 21401 Our Parole landscapers can easily draft and construct an effective arrangement that will keep soil in place. Building retaining walls is a multi-step process that requires the help of professionals to ensure that everything is done properly. With 17 years of experience under our belt there’s no group in Anne Arundel & Howard county that is more trusted. Don’t limit yourself to retaining walls, think about all of the other hardscaping possibilities as well. You could add a fire pit or walkway, maybe even a patio. You’re backyard will be the hottest spot in the neighborhood. Our talented Parole landscapers can easily complete this job, as well as any other hardscaping projects you may be thinking of doing in your backyard.

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