We service the Seven Maryland area with landscaping services from design and grass cutting to complete property management services for residential, commercial and HOAs. If you are looking for great service from a professional landscaper, licensed and insured to bring you dependable results we’re ready to serve.  Please enjoy these articles on just a few of our landscaping services for the Severn Maryland area.  (410) 216-7825

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Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD – April

Landscaping for Trees and Shrubs

So you have a storefront for your business, what’s next? Work with our Severn landscapers to design a landscape that is sure to catch customers’ attention, drawing them into the store. Whether you’re looking for extravagance or something that’s more minimalist, we can draft a design that will be reflective of your business’s taste. After the planning, we will handle all of the planting, installing, and maintaining, like grass cutting, edging, weeding, tree and shrub care. We’ve created landscapes for home and business owners all across Anne Arundel and Howard county, so don’t fret, we’ll be able to take care of yours too. We’ve worked with many different sized properties and are confident we can execute the design that best fits what you’re looking for.

After our Severn landscapers have finished the set up of your new property design we suggest taking a moment to think about the future. You’ll have experienced our workmanship and dependability first hand, so why not keep the trusted partnership going? To make sure your landscape is receiving the best care use our groundskeeping service. We will ensure that your property is well maintained and looks just as good now as the day we first set everything up. From the installation to he future care, our Severn landscapers have you and your business covered. Call today to get a Free Estimate on your potential landscape design. (410) 216-7825.Severn Maryland Landscapers and Lawn Care

Lawn Care & Landscapers Severn MD – March

Landscaping for Trees and Shrubs

While you may feel like you have a handle on your lawn or gardens, an area of your landscape where you may be feeling a little lost is the one involving the trees and shrubs. Our Severn landscapers can answer any of your questions and handle the maintenance required to have healthy plants. Some Trees require much more upkeep than your normal landscaping tasks, equipment and require experience. To ensure that they’re being properly managed we offer tree and shrub care.

From promoting healthy growth with fertilization and pruning to combat issues with insect and disease control, our services cover every aspect of your plants’ lives. The last thing you need is a tree that turns into a potential hazard, which is why you need our Severn landscapers to handle the situation. Unlike a dead flower, unhealthy trees can be hazardous to your safety, which is why it’s so important that they’re always in their best condition and that you leave their upkeep to professionals. We know what needs to be done when and how to do it correctly. Pruning can ensure that they’re growing properly, while trimming removes dead limbs that could be threatening to the tree’s stability. When you work with us, your plants will be in good hands. You can rest assured your trees and shrubs will be both lively and well manicured. If your plants are in need of some extra TLC, then talk with one of our Severn landscapers. Free Quote  (410) 216-7825

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