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We get the rewarding work of being landscapers in Severna Park Maryland, 21146.  Seeing real Lawn Care results from working with homeowners, businesses, property managers and HOAs (homeowner associations) brings satisfaction to help increase the value of properties and help to reduce stress when creating a tranquil space.  Landscaping has been our passion for over 16 years.  Constant learning is important in the Severna Park because the results and environmental impact effects all of us, as we live, travel work and enjoy the same local areas.  Whether you are looking for simple grass cutting or a complete landscape re-design we look forward to working with you to provide results for landscaping and lawn care in Severna Park MD, 21146.

Severna Park Landscapers and Lawn Care in 21146

 Landscapers and Lawn Care Severna Park – Aug 10th, 2017

Severna Park has robust plants and a pleasant environment to work in as Landscapers and live in as home and business owners.  We enjoy the diversity of tastes and landscaping designs in S.P.   Lighting is becoming more popular every season as residents see the affordable results and low, low, low costs of operating.  Bringing quality lawn care with polite, responsible landscapers is what we are all about.  We are passionate about providing value and quality in our services like mulch and stone installs, tree pruning, hardscaping and the basic needs of “mowing the grass” in Severna Park.  When you save your time and money with a professional, affordable landscaper you save on the hassle of buying and maintaining equipment.  Take back your garage and shed with the relief of not having to store equipment, fuel, oil and fertilizer.  We have the experience, equipment and passion to free up your time while bringing you quality lawn care as landscapers in Severna Park Maryland. Ready for the FREE Quote? (410) 216-7825

Severna Park Landscapers and Lawn Care

 Landscapers and Lawn Care Severna Park – Aug 10th, 2017

Surprisingly mild temperatures for the beginning of August makes for nice working conditions as Landscapers in Severna Park. The Hibiscus like the temps as well and are coming into and out of bloom. We see them as we faithfully gut grass, trim edges, install mulch, prune trees and work with landscape lighting and design ideas in Severna Park. You probably know but the “Huge” flowers of the hibiscus are beautiful but only last for a day or two so a large plant is helpful to enjoy the blooms for a longer time period. Our decades of combined experience allows us to know the Severna Park area quite well, the plants that work and designs that make for time saving maintenance with efficient results.

We know that you want your landscaping to be laid out with the size of the mower deck in mind so that form and function are both achieved with beauty and efficiency. Give us a call and request a FREE QUOTE as we look forward to listening to your needs and design ideas not only for this year but years to come. As yards change they can require changes to landscaping to grow and stay efficient. Your lawn care should grow with your plans and we are ready to help as your trusted landscapers in Severna Park.

Landscapers Severna Park


 Landscapers and Lawn Care Severna Park – Aug 4th, 2017

Severna Park landscapers get the fun job of helping with lawn care from the beginning steps of design to the regular maintenance like mowing the grass.  Design is a mix of art and science.  We enjoying working with your designs, listening to the results you are looking for and the best route to get there.  Proper planning with colors, shape and style in mind and the experience of the temperatures, average rainfall (and what to do when the rainfall is short) can produce amazing results with surprisingly affordable costs.  Knowing the plants, flowers, trees and complete flora of the plan will bring about results that are sure to impress the neighbors as well as reduce stress when you pull up to the house to unwind in a safe and colorful place.  We look forward to helping you with the small and the large portions of bringing your landscaping dreams to complete success as your trusted landscapers in Severna Park.

Landscapers in Severna Park Maryland

 Landscaping and Lawn Care Severna Park – July 28th, 2017

Not everyone is born with a green thumb, but that shouldn’t keep you from great lawn care and gardening. Gardening can be aesthetically pleasing, adding some variety and color to your landscape. Having a great looking lawn can be the pride and envy of the Severna Park neighborhood and is started with proper Landscaping Design. Cultivating your own patch of plants can also save you money when you choose to grow your own fresh produce. Planting your own fruits and vegetables also means you control what touches your food. If you don’t want to eat produce that was around pesticides, then you don’t have to use them. The first step in the gardening process is to figure out where you want your plants to go. One tip is to pick an area that you can easily see from inside your house, this way you can have constant updates on your plants without having to leave the home. The best thing to do when starting your own garden is to start small. Give yourself a chance to learn the steps to being successful.  Lawn grass is a fickle feat for many homeowners.  Spots, bare areas, brown and crab grass are all common issues with lawn care.  If you are tired of fighting the lawn and loosing your time we are ready to with lawn care in Severna Park.  When you see the cost of equipment, seed, fertilizer and the loss of your hobbies and time with family you know it’s time to call the trusted landscapers in Severna Park for your grass cutting, mulch and stone, trees and shrubs, spring cleanup and fall preparation.  (410) 216-7825

Severna Park Landscapers

 Landscaping and Lawn Care Severna Park – July 21st, 2017

We all know that lawns need to be watered when rain is sparse, but what’s the proper method?  As Landscapers in Severna Park Maryland we have innovative solutions for efficient watering. It’s so much more than standing on the edge of your yard with a hose or just letting the sprinklers run. The first thing to take note of as you begin is that you have to be consistent with when you water, watering off and on inconsistently can be harmful to your lawn. In certain times of the summer you should be watering your yard at least three days a week. In general at the end of the week your grass should have received about 1.5 inches of water. When setting up your watering game plan it’s important to take into consideration the characteristics of the yard. Both shady parts of the yard and mature grass will require less water than a part of the yard soaked in sun or grass that is freshly planted. Also, your lawn size comes into consideration too. If you have a smaller lawn then a hose-end sprinkler might be best, while built-in lawn sprinklers make the job easier for larger spaces. Once you find the right amount of water for your yard, along with how long it takes to reach that amount, setting up a timer for the sprinklers will help make things easier. This will allow you to start the sprinkler system and let it go to work, without having to worry about overwatering. Having said that, as the weather changes, so will the amount of water that your lawn needs. Because of this, make sure to adjust your timer as you see fit. This will ensure that your lawn is always getting the right amount of hydration. Watering your outdoor space is all about finding the right combination for whatever fits your yard best and adjusting it as necessary.  If you are ready for time and money saving lawn care and landscaping in Severna Park Maryland we are ready to bring our trusted results and experience.

Landscapers Severna Park

 Landscapers and Lawn Care Severna Park – July 14th, 2017

Landscapers in Severna Park can occasionally also help with your gardening tips.  If you’re into DIY-ing, recycling, and gardening, then consider reusing old newspapers for your next gardening project. Worn papers are the perfect material to use if you want to create your own mulch. Using newspaper as a base in your garden is a great way to reuse old papers and provide your plants with an added layer of protection. Their biggest benefit is that they are effective at keeping weeds at bay. When collecting newspapers to use look for ones that have a matte finish. If a page is shiny that is a possible indicator that the ink is toxic. Aside from the harmful ink, a sleek looking page will not decompose as quickly as the sheets with a dull finish. Next time you’re gardening create a base layer of newspaper that is at least five pages thick, making sure that there isn’t any dirt peaking through. If you’re having trouble keeping the sheets stable while layering then mist them with water. After you’ve laid down your pages add a final layer of mulch or soil to provide weight and extra protection. This top coating also gives your garden a cleaner look. Once that step is complete, finish by planting your garden. Overall, newspaper is a great addition to gardens because it fertilizes and protects in one step. Using old papers as mulch is an easy way to improve your garden without spending any extra money. It also means you don’t have to use any chemicals that could be harmful to both you and your plants.  When you are ready for professional tree, shrub and lawn care, stone mulch, outdoor lighting, design ideas we’re ready as your trusted landscapers in Severna Park Maryland.

Severna Park Lawn Care and Landscaping

 Landscaping and Lawn Care Severna Park – July 7th, 2017

Landscapers in Severna Park Maryland have a great responsibility to communicate with you about your design ideas. When it comes to clear communication on your plans for this year and ongoing we are all ears. We look forward to clearly understanding what you are trying to accomplish and how we can help to come in on time and on budget. It is amazing how well a year can look and help with curb appeal, impressing visitors and helping in home resale. If you are looking to staying in your Severna Park home for the rest of your life or ready to sell our landscaping design, tree care, shrub pruning, plants, sod and grass mowing or stone and mulch will make you lawn care a breeze.

As a local landscaper in Severna Park we know the importance of doing the job right from residential home to HOA landscapers. There is no place for half hearted effort and lack of care or respect. Your lawn is an extension of your home and it should be cared for to the degree that you want. We are glad to work within your budget and we stand behind that will an offer of a free estimate for all your landscaping needs. Our equipment is chosen with your home and designs in mind. We use low impact equipment to provide superior care for the best results. Maintaining equipment and helping to bring your dream designs and ideas into a reality is our job as landscapers in Severna Park MarylandLandscapers in Severna Park

 Landscapers and Lawn Care Severna Park – June 30th, 2017

Severna Park Lawn care is an essential part of maintaining the curb appeal of your home or business, but it can be hard to find the time (or energy) to do it yourself with all of the other responsibilities you have. Fortunately, all it takes is a single phone call to have a great looking lawn all year round. Lawn care companies in Severna Park offer weekly and monthly landscaping services that will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful through all seasons. However, not every lawn care provider is the same. To make the right choice, keep these factors in mind when selecting a Severna Park lawn care company.


Any landscaping companies that offer more than basic lawn cutting and tree trimming services are required to be licensed in the state of Maryland. Even if you don’t require much more than the basic services, hiring a licensed lawn care company will give you peace of mind and confidence in the abilities of the grounds crew maintaining your Severna Park landscape.


Accidents can happen, but that doesn’t mean you should accept any financial responsibility for property damage or personal injury resulting from an accident by your lawn care company. Insured landscaping providers will cover the costs and expenses that result from any such accidents when providing Lawn Care in Severna Park, which again will provide you with greater peace of mind.

It might go without saying, but pricing is an important factor when choosing a Severna Park lawn care company. However, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily go with the cheapest option. Take other factors into consideration, such as the company’s experience and service offerings, and compare the quoted price with other companies to get an idea of what’s fair and affordable for the work you need to have done. Also on the subject of pricing, steer clear of any companies that will not provide a free written estimate up front.Landscapers in Severna Park

Severna Park Landscaping and Lawn Care – June 23rd, 2017

No matter how good your Severna Park home looks on the inside, people are going to get the wrong impression of it if you fail to take steps to make it look its best on the outside. By simply adding a few flowers, freshening up your plant beds with new mulch, and cutting your lawn on a regular basis, you can strengthen your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your home. There are also other landscaping ideas in Severna Park you can implement to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Here are several of them.

Replace Old Flowers, Trees, and Plant Life

Do most of the plants in your front yard look like they are dying? Or do you have plants that are difficult to maintain because of the way that they grow? These are both common problems for many homeowners. Fortunately, you can get yourself out of either of these scenarios by simply starting over from scratch and picking out new plants that you can maintain on your own. You want your landscaping in Severna Park to look beautiful, but you also want to keep it beautiful by selecting plants that you can take care of in between trips from landscaping companies in S.P..

Use Outdoor Lighting in Severna Park to Create Focal Points in Your Yard

Once you have your new plants in place, it’s time to shine a spotlight on them. You should take that suggestion literally, too, and add outdoor lighting to your yard so that you can shine lights on your plants at night. Don’t go overboard by adding too many lights, but by placing several different types of lighting throughout your yard, you can make your home look warm and inviting once the sun goes down.

Maintain Your Lawn Throughout the Year

Regardless of whether it’s the middle of the summer or the middle of the winter, there are steps you should take to keep your lawn looking great. Mow it or have it mowed throughout the warmer season and keep it free of debris once it gets cold out. It will keep your lawn healthy and happy all year round.  With our decades of combined experience we are ready to help with all your landscaping and Lawn Care in Severna Park, MD.Landscaping Severna Park

Severna Park Landscapers and Lawn Care – June 16th, 2017

Pruning & Landscaping Services

Here in Severna Park the winters can be quite harsh and proper tree and shrub care is necessary to keep them alive and healthy. Our expert team at Laser Cut Property Services recognizes that every type of plant and tree is different and can face a variety of issues and disease. One of the biggest problems is that your trees and shrubs can be prey for a number of insects, pests, and disorders. We use our extensive knowledge to ensure that all of the shrubs in your yard or property look their best and are as healthy as possible.

We may be able to offer you the following services for your trees and shrubs:

  • Inspection
  • Insect control
  • Disease control
  • Fertilization
  • Fungicide treatments
  • Pruning services
  • Trimming services

We offer landscaping services in Severna Park that are exceptional. Our team can leave you with more free time to spend however you please whether you own a residential or commercial property. To get in touch with Laser Cut Property Services today, contact us at (410) 216-7825 Landscaping Severna Park MD

Severna Park Landscaping and Lawn Care – June 9th, 2017

How to Plan Your Next Landscaping Project
Lawn care Severna Park MD, An attractive home exterior takes as much work to maintain as an interior. With well-maintained lawns and trimmings, homes look classy to visitors and passing motorists. If you ever decide to sell your home, proper landscaping could add value to your property. While a lot of people are happy to perform the basics like mowing and trimming, the dedicated homeowner will usually hire a professional landscaper. Thankfully, there are residential landscaping and lawn Care in Severna Park that can make home exteriors look impeccable in any neighborhood.

The Vision

The first factor to consider about landscape design is how you would like your house to look and function on the outside. Do you want a house that stands out among your neighborhood, or simply a nice looking, well–manicured exterior? Are you going for an elaborate design scheme—such as a landscape that would entertain party guests—or something more basic and functional? Is the need for noise barriers a factor in your Severna Park neighborhood?

The Scope

Landscaping in Severna Park can be done around the entirety of a property, or only in select areas. If you have a definite vision for your exterior, a full–property landscaping could either be accomplished in one big undertaking, or you could have it broken into parts. If you’re less certain about the landscaping style you’d like for your exterior, consider having just one area done first and then decide whether you’d like to extend that style around your house.Landscapers in Severna Park

The Details
Landscaping involves a lot more than functional chores like tree pruning and lawn edging. In fact, the process can be very creative; you just have to use your imagination. For starters, brainstorm for ideas of how you’d like your property to appear. Would you like to have flower beds, hanging plants, or a garden in your backyard? Do you want your property to look like something typical of Severna Park, or do you yearn for something foreign and exotic? Whichever style you choose, the possibilities are endless with professional landscapers in Severna Park MD.

Severna Park Landscapers and Lawn Care – June 2nd, 2017

A massive yard can be quite the luxury, but a small yard can be just as fulfilling as long as you handle your landscaping in Severna Park the right way. You can make the most of your space and avoid feeling cramped by following a few simple steps. It also helps to work with a professional landscaper when designing your yard. Consider splitting up your space or blurring the line between your yard and your neighbors’ yard, and be sure to choose the right types of plants. Continue reading for more information about these Severna Park landscape design tips for small yards.

Divide Your Space

Although it may seem somewhat counterintuitive at first, you can make the most of your small yard by separating it into smaller spaces. By defining separate areas, you can trick the eye into making more of what it sees. What is even better is that there are all sorts of ways you can do this. You can use your plants to outline a garden area that is separate from your back deck, or you can use hardscaping to create firmer boundaries that divide your yard up into individual sections for more effective landscaping in Severna Park, MD.

Borrow from Your Neighbors

As Aristotle said, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you and your Severna Park neighbors all have small yards, consider blending your property lines to make the backyard area seem larger and more cohesive. You and each of your neighbors can combine your landscaping ideas to make it difficult to tell where one property ends and the next begins, creating the illusion of extra space. As long as you can all agree on a landscaping design in Severna Park or choice in flowers, trees, or shrubs, you can work together to make sure everybody wins.

Add a Touch of Color to Landscaping in Severna Park

The size of a small backyard can be much more noticeable if it is bare, so consider adding some color into the mix. Adding the right types of plants can help your guests connect with nature and the bigger picture, offering a larger than life experience. Make sure you provide your plants with the maintenance they need so they can continue to enhance your yard and simplify your Lawn Care in Severna Park.Landscaping in Severna Park MD

Severna Park Landscaping and Lawn Care – May 26th, 2017

The Three Keys to having a successful relationship

At Laser Cut we are dedicated to our relationships as we are landscaping in Severna Park MD and we try and guide you through all the steps to a beautiful property. The 1st Key to a successful relationship together is be open and understand each other and not to assume anything. In a lot of situations one side will not express their true feelings and that doesn’t work ever. The 2nd key is to set up financial fencing (aka Budget) when you are dealing with a true professional you will know right off the bat that you are dealing with and if you can or cant trust them. At Laser Cut we have worked our tails off building a reputation so people can trust us, this is key to a great relationship. The 3rd Key to a successful relationship is understanding things happen all the time and keeping a level head through all the situations good or bad. At Laser Cut we have tons of great relationships and the key to our success together has always been understanding each other and communicating good and bad feelings as we are  Landscaping in Severna Park MD.Landscaper in Severna Park MD 21146

Landscapers in Severna Park HOA – May 19th, 2017

Choosing the right HOA Landscaper in Severna Park is an important decision in getting quality landscaping results, lawn care and reducing stress.  You want your Association to run smoothly and your areas to look great.  Laser Cut Property Services can help with both.  Our decades of combined experience can be put to work for you to keep things simple, smooth and efficient.  We are properly outfitted with the quality equipment to keep everything up to date and ahead of schedule from grass cutting lawn care, tree and shrub pruning and all the way to efficient and beautiful landscape lighting.  Give us a call for proven results as landscapers in Severna Park Maryland, 211146.

Landscape Lighting in Severna Park MD 21146 – May 12th, 2017

Over the years low voltage lighting in the Severn Park area has been very popular but not efficient, well now with the New LED sealed lighting units you can light your home with next to no energy use and these lights do not get near as hot as they use too so the worry of a light getting too hot and having an issue is much lower today than it ever has.  We stay on the leading edge of landscaping techniques and technology to bring you results that exceed others and saves you money.  Landscape lighting in Severna Park with amazing results at amazingly low monthly costs is just one of the landscaping and lawn care services that we offer.Severna Park Landscapers

Give us a call and get to know us, along with a Free Quoted Estimate for Severna Park Landscaping (410) 216-7825