As landscapers in Odenton Maryland we share these landscaping projects and hope that you enjoy the ideas, designs and images.  Looking for a trusted experienced lawn care company to make your life easier and get back your free time?  We can help with all your landscaping and lawn care needs.  From grass cutting to landscape lighting, hardscaping or a complete re-design – Give us a call for stunning results.  Let’s start with a Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

Landscaper Odenton Maryland



Landscaping Odenton MD, 21113 – February

Landscapers in the 21113 zip code of Odenton are seeing early plant growth this mild winter.  Bulbs and some perennials are emerging from the earth as the increasing sunlight is warming flower and plant beds at Odenton homes and businesses.  Soon rich, dark mulch will be added to control weeds and hold moisture of the Spring in a few months.

Landscaping Odenton 21113
if you are looking for a great answer to your landscaping needs our Odenton landscapers can bring experienced solutions.  Decks, Patios and more hardscaping projects can help to convert “hard to use” areas around homes, businesses, commercial properties and HOAs.  Give us a call for a free estimates and we’ll get you on the schedule for great landscaping results in Odenton this year. (410) 216-7825

Landscaper Odenton MD, 21113 – Lawn Care  – January

Odenton, MD, 21113 Landscapers are keeping equipment in great shape so that the spring plans can go off without a hitch.  Planning in the winter months can help to bring incredible results in the next few months.  Odenton has a great spring and a little planning now can go a long way to success.

Give us a call to get on the schedule and make the spring and summer a time that you can spend time with family instead of pushing a mower.  If you have trouble and tough spots we can help.  Our Odenton landscapers help with homes, business and commercial property landscaping.  When it’s time to make a great impression we can help.  Our decades of combined experience allows us to create a high value for our landscaping services.

Landscaper Odenton 21113


Hardscaping projects like decks, retaining walls and patios can help to convert areas from “useless” to beautiful  and functional.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate at (410) 216-7825.  We’ve helped so many in Odenton and we can help your landscaping too.

Landscapers Odenton MD, 21113 – Irrigation Winterized & Leaf Removal  – December

This is the time of year when your irrigation system should be winterized and leaves well on the way to being cleaned up.  Some oaks are still holding their leaves.  Most trees have dropped their leaves by the end of December.  Being a local Odenton landscaper we know the strength of great service.  Keep your Holiday planning on track with a little help and time savings of your lawn care from our landscaping crew.

Odenton Landscapers

Keep those heavy oak leaves from piling up and killing grass and other plants in Odenton.  It’s easy to put off the leaf cleanup when the holiday season is here.  Time seems to fly by with less light in the day.  We can help with winterizing your irrigation system and leaf cleanup in Odenton, MD 21113.  Call for a Free Estimate and learn about our 5 star reviews online and our Hardscaping services. (410) 216-7825

Irrigation Winterized & Leaf Removal Landscapers Odenton MD, 21113 – November

This month is full of gatherings and the beginning of holiday parties.  Our landscapers in Odenton can have you looking great.  If you are a homeowner or a business owner who wants to look great and be prepared this fall then give us a call.  The service to winterize irrigation systems is very important to keep things working properly in the spring.  Nobody wants to start spring off with a broken “sprinkler” system.  We can help with winterization.  Give us a call and be prepared.

landscapers Odenton MD 21113

Fall landscapers in Odenton activities also include leaf and limb pickup.  A cleanup of the leaves and fallen leaves can help to prepare for the winter.  You’ll also look great.  Whether people gathering at your house or business you want a great looking lawn.  Allow our landscapers to help with hardscaping projects as well.  Give us a call and we’ll get started with a Free Estimate on Landscapers in Odenton, MD 21113 zip code.

October – Leaf Removal & Landscaping  Odenton MD, 21113

This is a great time of year for landscapers in Odenton MD 21113 zip code.  Fall colors are in abundance and the year of hard work is paying off.  Brown and bare spots have been treated and with a little watering most yards are looking great.  The cold temps have definitely slowed grass growing.  With grass fertilizing, aeration and seeding many yards are doing great this fall.

Odenton Landscapers 21113 Zip Code

If you are ready for a little professional help with Leaf Removal we can help.  We offer fall cleanup for home, business and commercial property in Odenton MD, 21113.  Getting the leaves up keeps lawns in good shape.  The moisture, mildew and lack of sunlight that comes from leaves left on the lawn,  This can put a real hurting on the grass and other plants for the next year.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate on leaf removal, fall cleanup and all your landscaping needs in Odenton MD, 21113. Free Estimates:   (410) 216-7825

September – Fall Lawn Care & Landscaping  Odenton MD, 21113

Fall lawn care is important to landscapers in Odenton MD.  We know the strength of having a well timed plan.  With our decades of combined experience we bring amazing results.  Consistent preparation and execution often leads to superior results in lawn care.  Weed control, aeration, seeding and fertilizing at the right intervals and the right materials can yield nice results year after year.

Odenton Lawn Care 21113 Zip Code

We bring professional, polite landscapers to your home, business, commercial property or HOA in Odenton.  Being local we test our processes, materials and equipment to bring you results. Knowing which seed is working well with testing is important to lawn care results in Odenton.  Give us a call for the fall cleanup planning.  We can help to return your free time in the evenings and weekends instead of raking leaves.  Free Estimates:   (410) 216-7825

August – Lawn Care & Landscapers in Odenton MD

Early August had high temperatures and little rain in Odenton.  The end of August has seen a little relief with temps getting into the 60’s and rain is a little more plentiful.  Grass in some areas of Odenton was finding small patches of brown in high sun and low water areas.  The end of the month is bringing grass back to a clean green color.   Flowering plants are still producing fine colors and strong roots.  If you are looking for a flower bed installed with fragrant mulch and beautiful colors give us a call.  Don’t forget about your free estimate on grass cutting and all your landscaping in Odenton MD.


Odenton Landscapers 21113

July – Landscapers in Odenton MD

Sunshine and Scorching temps can come in July for our Landscapers in Odenton Maryland.  Flowers and plant beds will be tested as well as grass.  Being able to stand the heat for a few days is expected.  One of the largest factors is the amount of water which can get to most plants to stay healthy.  When heat it matched with dry Odenton plants will suffer.  Proper service and care throughout the year will help to extend the life of grass, flowers and plant beds but watering will help.  Leaving grass a little longer can be a technique to keep grass from turning brown.  All of these techniques and many, many more have been fine tuned for landscaping in Odenton Maryland.

Landscapers Odenton

If you are looking to avoid lawn mowers in the blazing heat of Odenton summers give us a call.  We’ve helped many with trusted, professional lawn care in Odenton with our decades of combined experience.  We can bring that same 5 star review level of care to your home, business, commercial property or HOA as well.  Let’s start saving YOUR time with a Free Estimate: (410) 216-7825


June – Lawn Mowing and Mulch  Odenton MD

It’s the time of year when the heavy rains have Odenton Landscapers / Grass cutting companies busy.  Warm sunny days, well fertilized yards and rainfall is making for a great beginning to summer.  Grass is producing full blades and growing deep, strong roots when treated properly.  Too much water makes for shallow roots and too little will also create issues.  Proper aeration, at the proper time will allow for nutrients to get into the yard and keep it healthier when conditions get rough.

Odenton lawn care

Contact us to take the load of grass cutting, edging, trimming trees, bushes and mulching off your hands.  Get back your free time with friends and family.  We can help you like we’ve helped so many others in Odenton Maryland.  Mulch will help to have time and money on watering and weeding while at the same time make a flower bed look much more appealing.  Give us a call for professional landscaping results in Odenton Maryland.  Learn more with a Free Estimate (410) 216-7825

May – Yard Work & Grass Cutting Odenton MD

What a great year for Landscapers in Odenton, MD. Rain has been watering grass and flower beds naturally.  This is a great time of year to work on those trouble spots.  Yard work can be tough and tiresome when you don’t have enough time, equipment and materials.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking property.  We provide grass cutting, edging, seeding and aeration among many other lawn care services in Odenton, Maryland.  We can help with your landscape as well.

Odenton Lawn Care

Mulching flower beds can be a helpful addition to your home, business or commercial property.  Mulch and flowers can aid in creating a space which is inviting and colorful.  This also bring scents, birds and especially hummingbirds in Odenton, Maryland.  We get a wide variety of birds which can benefit from a healthy lawn and garden.  We’re ready to bring our decades of combined experience in lawn care for Odenton to your property.  If you are looking for personal, professional and experienced landscapers we are here and ready with a Free Estimate at (410) 216-7825


April – Lawn Care & Grass Mowing Odenton MD

Cutting grass in Odenton Maryland is in full swing.  Waiting to cut grass can be a mistake as many times weeds can take hold early and become a problem which is harder to resolve over time.  Having great lawn care service throughout the season is a good solution.  We can help with professional grass mowing.  If you are tired of fixing an old mower and hoping it will start one more year give us a call.  If you are tired of trips to the gas station and storing that same gas, oil and more landscaping materials give us a call we offer a free estimate and a great reputation.

Lawn care in April can often mean the experience to know when to cut grass. When heavy April showers and thunderstorms come crashing in it can leave a lawn soft and cutting with heavy machines can cause more damage.  We have the decades of combined experience to bring you great results.  We offer mulching and flower beds as well as grass mowing.  If you are looking for a great landscaper for your Odenton home, business or commercial property give us a call and we’ll get you on the schedule starting with a Free Estimate. (410) 216-7825

Odenton Grass cutting and Lawn Care

March – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

 Warmth of Spring – Yard Work

Spring is here and our Odenton Landscapers are busy with spring cleanup.  Having your property cleaned up from the leaves, stick and limbs which will block the sun, water and nutrients is a needed service for many homes, businesses and commercial properties in Odenton.  When these things are left mold and bare spots can create a mess which will make the lawn a “fight” the rest of the year. Give us a call for a free estimate and learn how a trouble free year of lawn care and learn how you can enjoy your evenings and weekends once again.

Odenton Grass Cutting Company

With warm weather here during the day and cool nights weeds will thrive without a little care.  We have the decades of combined experience here in Odenton to bring you the largest results with the best value.  If you are looking for more than just a sore back and rough hands from yard work give us a call or schedule online.  We have the specialized equipment serviced and ready to do the hard work this spring summer and fall.  Enjoy your yard and property with professional care from professional landscapers.  Let’s get that Odenton yard looking green and luscious once again.  (410) 216-7825


February – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Yard Work Success in the Spring

Spend this spring looking at colorful flowers, green, cut grass and trimmed trees and shrubs with our Landscaping in Odenton, Maryland.  Feel free to leave the chores behind and enjoy the time with friend and family or your favorite hobby.  We can provide the professional landscaping and lawn care that makes a great first impression.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home this year a little Odenton landscaping can go a long way to help with the sale.  That green grass, trimmed and edged along with shrubs and bushes can be a welcoming sight.  When the yard has bare and brown spots the time needed to fix these can be an important factor in making a close decision.  A great looking lawn can help to have your house sell faster and for more money.  Let our professionals bring the services needed this year to make your home, business or commercial property look great.

Odenton lawn care and Landscapers

If the snow of this winter had make a swampy mess out of your yard perhaps it’s time for a little grading, a bio-swale or tree planting to help control the water flow.  Long term results from trusted landscapers in Odenton can be a reality.  Skip the leaf raking, the trips to the gas station and the wasted hours pushing the lawn mower and get your space back in the garage.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate on landscaping in Odenton. (410) 216-7825


January – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Yard Work Success in the New Year

With winter beginning to roll into the Odenton, Maryland area our landscapers are planning for the success in spring.  Renewing training and winterizing equipment is an important part of proving great landscaping services.  As a home owner, business owner, commercial property manger of HOA group you may be planning for the new year as well.   Planning and preparation is an important part to success.  We have had a great year with success in hardscaping projects like retaining walls to expand usable area and control water, as well as erosion.  Bioswales helped to control excess water.  Landscaping design worked to convert new and old properties into a better looking first impression.  Many commercial and local businesses looked great all year with green grass, trimmed and edged grass, trees, shrubs and bushes.  This winter we can look out the window and see healthy landscape with local birds and wildlife.


Odenton Landscapers in Maryland

Flower and plant beds worked well with their mulch and colorful flowers to create curb appeal in Odenton.  Helping to sell homes with a great looking lawn care process was a rewarding project.  If you have a desire to save time and money in your plans for the new year give us a call.  We start with a free estimate at (410) 216-7825.  This allows us to get your needs on the schedule and properly planned as landscapers in Odenton, MD.  Making the decision now can help you save money as you can skip buying the equipment and a space to store it all year.  Nobody wants a leak, spot, oil or gas smell in the house from an attached garage.  Finding that the year is full of green grass, edged, trimmed with trees and shrubs pruned is a great relaxed feeling.  Take back your free time, weekends, evening with trusted, professional landscaping in Odenton, Maryland.


December – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Leaves, Landscaping Plans

December lawn care in Odenton Maryland can be filled with leaves and planning.  When your leaves are cleaned up and those downed limbs and sticks are cleaned up it can be a great time for the Holidays.  We can help with fall clean up and that include leaf raking.  While you can rest and enjoy time with family as well as friends instead of raking we are ready to bring our team to remove your leaves.

Planning for your landscaping designs in Odenton can produce amazing results

landscape Odenton

While you may be concerned with leaves and the holidays a little planning can be fruitful.  Leaves left on the ground can become bare spots in the winter and spring.  Costly reseeding or sod can be avoided and we can help.  Landscape design is helpful to get an idea what you can do with the space you have to work with.  Hardscaping can help to increase that space.  Retaining walls can open up a grade which is too steep otherwise.  Patios, Fire pits and decks are all great additions to Odenton homes and businesses.  Make a great first impression with professional landscaping in Odenton. We’ll get rolling with a Free Estimate: (410) 216-7825

November – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Leaf Removal & Fall Colors

Our professional landscapers in Odenton can bring you the lawn care like no other company.  Our decades of combined experience allows us to bring a higher value with every service.  Professional training, study and courses allow for great results.  Equipment that lasts and does a great job on lawns, leaf removal, hardscaping and aeration will be an important part of finding success.  You can skip purchasing expensive equipment, driving out on the weekend to refill gas containers and storing all that mess 365 days a year.  We can help to bring back the free time that is so important to your life and family.

Odenton landscapers

When you are looking for leaf raking, fall cleanup and the right preparation for your lawn care to be ready for winter and next spring give us a call. hardscaping projects in November can expand your time outdoors with decks, patios, fire pits and more.  Landscape lighting will help to keep paths  well lit and help to avoid tripping.  Lighting can also help to accent great looking features for your Odenton Landscape.  We can help with all your landscaping needs.  Give our professional staff a call and request a Free Estimate on all your landscape services from grass mowing, leaf raking and irrigation winterizing in Odenton, MD.   (410) 216-7825


October – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Leaf Raking & Fall Flowers

While October is busy for landscapers in Odenton MD it is also very beautiful.  Colors are changing in the leaves and flower beds are holding on to their last flowers.  Some fall plants are doing well with mums and some large healthy tropics are even holding out.  Canna lilies are holding on to their colors and some even still blooming.

Odenton Landscapers fall cleanup


These colors and plants are on their last leg as leaves are starting to fall.  All those leaves can damage your lawn care in Odenton.  We can help to save your grass from bare spots and changing PH levels.  We offer a fall cleanup including removing those leaves, sticks and fallen limbs.  If you are looking for a leaf raking service in Odenton Maryland give us a call.  We can get started with a Free Estimate for your home, business, commercial property or HOA.  (410) 216-7825


September – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Schedule Fall Cleanup & Fertilizing

We’re getting close to fall and Odenton Landscapers are planning for fall cleaning and fertilizing for success all year long.  When storms come and bring down sticks, leaves, limbs and occasionally a tree we can help to cleanup and get your home, business or commercial property ready for fall and fertilizing.  Allowing debris to mound up and change PH levels as well as block sunlight can damage grass and leave brown or even kill spots in landscaping in Odenton.  We can help to keep you from these costly, unsightly issues.  Our team can landscape with personal service and professional results.

Odenton Landscapers Fertilizing

Fall is soon here and fertilizing, re-seeding and aeration can help strengthen roots and allow nutrients to get down to increase hearty needs.  The fall is the time to prepare and stock up good roots for your landscape in Odenton, MD.  Areas around trees can especially need this care due to the large roots of trees which can take the natural nutrients from the surrounding plants, grass and flower beds.  Give us a call for licensed, insured, landscaping results in Odenton, MD  Free Estimates: (410) 216-7825


August – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Aerating, Seeding, Landscaping

It’s getting to the time of year where scheduling lawn care services like Aeration and Seeding is needed from landscapers in Odenton, MD.   Scheduling now, means you are ready to get the benefits of stronger grass, attacking brown/bare spots in the yard and in place before the leaves coat the yard.  Knowing when and how to aerate and seed is an important part of good landscaping in Odenton.

Lawn Care Odenton MD

Fall services for great landscaping will make for prepared great looking results throughout the year.  Having a well “fed” lawn means grass will stay stronger longer.  Making an effort to reduce or remove those empty patches in the grass at the right time in the fall gives the grass time establish and grow without the overbearing sun of summer.  Getting grass in and growing before the winter comes is the task for an experienced landscaper in Odenton and we can help.

Give us a call for all your landscaping needs in Odenton, grass mowers, edging, seeding, fertilizing, tree services, even gutter cleaning.

Free Estimates: (410) 216-7825

July – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Trees, Grass Cutting, Landscaping

July has the heat of summer bearing down on lawns, grass, trees and shrubs as well as flower beds in the landscapes of Odenton MD.  You might have noticed that many Crepe Myrtle Trees / Shrubs are looking great with color. The crepe myrtle is also known as Lagerstroemia can have quite a bit of variety.  We can help you with all of them.  Some grow taller and faster for a more “tree-like” appearance.  Other varieties stay “low and slow” as they grow slower than the tree version.  Both will have colors in the summer.  Most all of the healthy crepe myrtles have produced their colors by July in Odenton Maryland.

Odenton Landscaper Crepe Myrtle

You’ll notice the green lawns, grass cutting and irrigation systems in Odenton are keeping grass looking great even with the lack of rain we have had so far this July.  We can help with all your landscaping and lawn care needs from grass cutting to irrigation systems, hardcaping retaining walls, patios, decks to complete landscape design.  How about we get started with a Free Estimate: (410) 216-7825

June – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Summer Landscaping

We have officially entered summer and as landscapers in Odenton we see healthy, well watered lawn, trees and shrubs.  We’ve had numerous days with rainfall, many low-lying areas have experienced washouts or flooding.  Well drained yards and lawns have lush green grass which has been a pleasure to mow.  Trees are doing well with the spring over and summer begun.  Shrubs which have been properly trimmed over the past year are also looking great.  Our Odenton landscapers have been placing mulch to help flower and plant gardens stay moist longer and make weeding a bit easier.

Landscapes Odenton

Healthy landscaping in Odenton have created spaces where animals also flourish.  Song birds are enjoying the well kept plants providing seeds and insects as well as the occasional trip to the feeder.  Our hardscaping has been enjoyed by many homeowners, businesses and commercial property managers.  Building patios, retaining walls, walkways, paths and decks in the Odenton area has helped many to enjoy more of their property with a level space to entertain, relax and enjoy friends and family.  We can help with all your Odenton Landscaping needs.  Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

Late May – Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD

Landscaping for Healthy Lawn and Garden

Everyone wants a healthy lawn and garden, but sometimes it can seem impossible to achieve. Let our Odenton landscapers be your lawn care gurus. With almost two decades of experience, this is a group that knows what needs to be done to create the perfect lawn. As with any other project, you want to start off on the right foot. For yards this means mulching, aerating, and fertilizing. For flower beds mulching provides protection from the elements, as well as weeds, helping to give your new blooms a fighting chance. Mulch also provides nutrients and holds moisture to keep the dirt damp for the plants. Grass Mowing Odenton Maryland

Just like having our Odenton landscapers apply mulch to gardens helps the flowers, aerating and fertilizing helps the lawn. Fertilizing puts nutrients back into the soil, helping grass to grow healthy. By adding small punctures to the ground, aerating makes the fertilizer application more effective. It becomes easier for seeds, water, and other nutrients to reach the roots. These methods aren’t guaranteed ways to get a great looking lawn, but they sure do help a lot. After 17 years of experience we know the tips and techniques for application methods that will help to make these tasks even more effective. Put us to the test by scheduling an appointment with an Odenton landscaper today.

Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD – Early May

Landscaping for Trees, Shrubs, Bushes

For some homeowners, taking care of a landscape can be an intimidating task. When you rely on our Odenton landscapers though, you can feel a little more confident. Our specialists have been in the Anne Arundel County area since 2001, helping people from Annapolis to Severna Park manage their residential and commercial properties, plant & Flower beds and of course lawns. One area of the property that causes some issues amongst homeowners are the trees and shrubs. While flowers are usually a little easier to maintain, trees and shrubs require a whole new set of tasks, mainly trimming and pruning. We know it can be difficult to figure out how to properly trim and prune different plants in your yard, which is why we offer our tree and shrub care. Landscapers Odenton MD

While this service does cover other aspects like pest control and fungicide treatments, one of the biggest requests our Odenton landscapers receive is trimming. We can cut and shape your hedges, as well as prune any dead branches that could inhibit growth and possibly become a hazard to the plant. In the fall, we can come back to ensure that everything looks clean for winter and we can help from start to finish with landscape design, planting newly designed flower beds, even dead-head your perennial flowers. Your lawn isn’t the only thing on the property that requires a trim. Work with our landscapers in Odenton to ensure that all aspects of your yard or business front looks tidy. We’ve been doing this work for 17 years and their experience is reflected in their care and workmanship.  Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD – April

Landscaping for Decks

Our Odenton landscapers’ help goes far beyond the garden and the lawn. They can assist with all of your lighting and hardscaping projects as well. So, if you’ve always wanted to add a deck to your home, now is the time. Since the establishment of our business in 2001, we have helped many homeowners throughout the Anne Arundel and Howard county areas improve their backyard space. One of the ways we’ve done so is by constructing decks. Decks are a great addition. While an open, green grass backyard is nice, they prove to be less than perfect when looking for a spot to set up a grill, table, and chairs.

With a deck you’re able to still enjoy the outdoors, but in a more accessible spot. Our Odenton landscapers can help you draft a deck design that flows the best with your backyard, executing the project in a timely fashion. If you’d still like the party space, but aren’t sure if a deck would work for your home, then consider adding a patio. We can help with that too. For the home entertainers who are looking to do something a little extra we highly recommend adding some exterior landscape lighting as well. It’s the perfect way to take a space from day to night. Whatever backyard addition you’re looking to create make sure to talk with one of our talented Odenton landscapers before you begin. They can construct a design that you’ll love for years to come.  Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care and Landscaping in Odenton MD

Lawn Care & Landscapers Odenton MD – March

Landscaping for Turf, Grass, Lawns

When it comes to your lawn you can’t take any shortcuts. If you want the great payoff, but are less than enthused about the work required, then talk with one of our Odenton landscapers. We can ensure that your yard is green and lush, without you having to do a single chore. One of the ways we can help your lawn to look its best is with our turf restoration service. Turf restoration is a multi-step process that involves preparing the site, planting the seeds, and following up with the correct care. We can handle it all, making sure that grass is properly taking root, so that you can enjoy a great looking lawn soon enough.

Once the growth has begun our Odenton landscapers can be counted on take care of all the mowing, edging, and weeding that will be necessary to keep it looking great. We’re a full service company that will be there from the start to the finish. After 17 years we know a thing or two about how to restore lawns and maintain a great appearance. We’ve worked for homeowners and businesses across the Anne Arundel county. Our excellent service has created happy, loyal customers who continue to come to us for all of their lawn care needs. If you’re in the local area and would like some help with your lawn care, then reach out to a Odenton landscaper today.  Free Quote: (410) 216-7825

landscapers Odenton MD