As licensed & insured landscapers in Parole MD 21401 we take pride in our landscaping services.  From lawn care maintenance like “grass mowing” to complete landscape design, lighting, tree and shrub trimming, hardscaping, turf and sod installations and state approved fertilizer we are ready to bring trusted results in Parole Maryland 21401.  When you are looking to Save Time and Money by hiring the right landscaper you can gain your free time and space in the garage from storing all that gas and equipment we’re ready to earn your trust. Free Estimate from landscapers in Parole MD.  (410) 216-7825

Landscapers Parole MD 21401



Parole MD, 21401 Landscaping

– February

Landscapers are enjoying the early spring temperatures in Parole MD.  The 21401 landscaping chores can be varied as there are many types of needs in Parole.  Some homes and businesses are interested in planning for grass cutting, edging and trimming, while others are looking for landscape lighting.  With the advances in efficient lighting more people are interested in lighting accent areas in Parole Maryland.

Landscaping Parole 21401The warm flower beds will soon need new mulch to keep moisture retained and weeds under control.  We have decades of combined experience in landscaping solutions.  Allow our efficient landscapers solve your difficult areas at your home, business or commercial property.  From grass cutting to sod / turf we can get you looking great once again.  If time allows the process or seeding, fertilizer and aeration is a good process for a long lasting, deep rooted grass filled yard.  However if time is the most important factor our skills, equipment and experience in sod / turf can solve your grass issues in Parole, MD 21401.  Give us a call and we’ll get you a Free Estimate at (410) 216-7825


Parole MD Landscaping & Lawn Care Planning in  21401 Zip Code – January

The Parole Landscaping and lawn care can increase greatly with proper planning.  The winter temps and shorter hours for sunlight can make it tough on landscaping but it allows for great planning for the soon to come spring.  Our Parole landscapers are working hard with maintaining lawn care equipment and testing for results in the spring.

Parole Landscaping 21401 Zip Code

Hardscaping projects are especially popular this time of year as it allows for a more functional and fun space in the spring.  When areas of your Parole, MD, 21401 zip code area have a steep slope a retaining wall may increase your usable space.  Perhaps a patio or deck is the real gain you are looking for in your Parole property.  Give us a call for the landscapers in Parole which are designing and planning for your success in 2020.  We’ll get rolling with a free estimate at (410) 216-7825

Parole MD Landscapers Leaf Raking and Irrigation Winterized in  21401 Zip Code – December

Parole MD is seeing the Holidays ring in with clean lawns and winterized irrigation systems.  We’ve been busy with Landscapers chores making the season easy for families and businesses.  Keeping a storefront looking great with a little leaf cleanup and go a long way.  When leaves are left to mold and block sunlight brown and bare spots can be the result. Thankfully we have the right process in place to keep your home, business or commercial property looking great.  Trusted, experienced landscapers in Parole MD can help with your lawn care.

Parole Landscapers 21401If you are looking for a savings in your time and energy this year give our Parole Landscapers a call.  We offer free estimate on landscaping and hardscaping.  Convert your “hard to use” areas into a place to meet and greet friends and family.  Make a great first impression with our professional landscapers in Parole MD, 21401 zip code.  (410) 216-7825

Leaf Removal and Irrigation System Winterized in Parole MD 21401 – November

Our Parole Maryland landscapers are helping homes and businesses with leaf removal and irrigation system winterzing.  The time is being spent making lawns look great. Parole businesses are ramping up to make a great first impression for shoppers.  Our time and experience is being used to help winterize irrigation systems.  Our staff and equipment are ready for the process to help with protecting you over the winter.

Parole Landscapers

Fall cleanup with trusted landscapers in Parole can help through the winter and into spring.  Acting now and keeping the leaves up can pay dividends over the winter.  When leaves, sticks and fallen limbs are left the grass and other landscaping pieces can be damaged over the fall and winter.  Give us a call and get the experience and professional landscaping services to make for a great fall with our landscapers in Parole MD, 21401 zip code.  Let us create a Free Estimate for your fall landscaping needs. (410) 216-7825.

Landscapers in Parole MD 21401 – October

Parole MD Landscapers 21401 zip code

Parole Maryland landscapers are enjoying fall with leaf removal cleanup in the 21401 zip code area.  The seeds that you see in the above picture are from a morning glory.  This flowering plant produces seeds in the fall (October of Parole Maryland).  These seeds, like so many we see during lawn care services, will actually produce more plants next year.

Some seeds will need scratched, or soaked.  It really depends on the individual type of plant.  Our landscaping services in the fall can help many with their free time and great looking results.  If you are looking for a lawn care service with Landscapers that are professional and experience then give us a call for free estimates on your landscaping needs in Parole MD, 21401.  We’ll get rolling with a Free Estimate at: (410) 216-7825.

September Lawn  Work Landscaping in Parole MD 21401

Landscapers in Parole MD are setting up for fall cleanup.  Leaf removal is an important part of keeping the lawn looking great.  When leaves are left to sit they start to break down and begin to change the PH levels of the landscape.  Leaves left long enough without care, mean brown or bare spots, that are tough to remedy.  A little care in the fall with leaves can help to provide results for the rest of the year and the beginning of the next.

Parole Lawn Care 21401

We can help with a free estimate on your landscaping needs in Parole.  Being locals we can bring our experience and ongoing testing to your yard.  Whether you have a home, business, commercial property or HOA we can help.  Timing is important in many parts of life and landscaping is no exception.  We bring our results to your lawn so that you can benefit from our decades of combined experience in Parole.  Let’s get you on the schedule for fall leaf removal, seeding, aeration and fertilizing. (410) 216-7825

August Lawn Care Landscapers in Parole MD 21401

Vibrant colors are still possible for flower beds and grass in Parole Maryland.  If you are tired of using precious family time on endless lawn care give us a call.  We have the decades of combined experience to solve your grass cutting, edging and trimming.  Our equipment it ready and our staff is experienced with Parole MD landscaping.

We can also help with much more complex tasks for lawn care.  If you are looking for hardscaping, lighting, flower beds or other landscaper expertise give us a call.  Learn about the strength and peace of mind that comes from a polite, professional landscaping crew.  Gain back your weekends and evenings and holidays while increasing the garage space as you keep from storing endless lawn equipment and materials.  Give us a call and bring color back into your Parole MD Landscape. Free Estimates (410) 216-7825

Parole Landscapers 21401


July Landscaping in Parole MD 21401

The heat has been beating on many homes, lawns and landscaping in Parole MD.  Our landscapers are keeping grass greener and lush because of the experience, ongoing training and specialized equipment choices.  We strive to stay ahead of the learning curve with the newest materials, seeds, fertilizer and aeration techniques.  It’s important to us to be a knowledgeable source when it comes to landscaping and lawn care in Parole, MD.  We do a great job of cutting grass, edging and trimming, but we’re much more than that.  We take the time to test out seed selections and see how they grow given the local soils.

Landscaping in Millersville MD

If you are looking for professional, polite lawn care in Parole give us a call.  We’re ready for quick results and long term success.  Enjoy your summer with friends and family, playing and experiencing more of life as you leave the lawn mower to us.  Free Estimates  (410) 216-7825

June –  Grass Cutting in Parole MD 21401

Parole Landscapers are grass cutting and mulching for success this early summer.  We’ve been experiencing great amounts of rain and sunshine this year.  Grass cutting is a balance to keep a great looking yard when the conditions are great and when they are dry.  Our experience and equipment allow us to keep your yard looking great when conditions are great and when they start getting tough.  Equipment which is too heavy will damage yards.  We have the experience to work out solutions for the tough landscaping.

Parole Grass Mowing companyFlower beds are producing Flowers the attract butterflies and other beautiful animals.  Lantana is a flower plant which is relatively tall for a flower bed but has advantages like attracting butterflies.  Lantana can also be a nice choice because it is low maintenance compared to many plants.  Mulching will help around these and other flower plants to keep moisture and reduce weeds.

If you are looking for a trusted landscaper with experience in the Parole Maryland area give us a call.  You’ll be glad you did starting with a Free Estimate at (410) 216-7825

May – Mulch and Lawn Mowing in Parole MD 21401

Lawn mowing companies in Parole Maryland are busy with healthy grass.  Both residential and commercial properties are growing strong roots and look great.  Some mulch is helping in flower beds to keep moisture retained after the heat we’ve been having.  Mulch also helps to keep weeds from taking over landscapes in Parole and all across the 21401 zip code.  Perhaps the most obvious benefit from mulching areas is the great looking and scents results from mulch.  Colorful flowers, plants and greenery look great against a darker color of mulch.

Grass Mowing Odenton Maryland

If you are looking for a grass mowing company in Parole we would like the opportunity to give you a Free Estimate.  We bring professional service and proven results with decades of combined experience in Parole, MD landscaping.  From lawn mowers, mulching to complete landscaping services we can create a great looking landscape.

April – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

Great looking flowers are popping up in flower beds all over Parole Maryland.  Our Parole Landscapers are busy will all sorts of lawn care for HOAs, commercial properties, businesses and homes.  Mulching flower beds helps to keep moisture in place and save tender new plants.  This also allows for less watering and less weeding.  Mulch is a great way to help your Parole landscaping look great longer with less mess. We can bring the solutions for your lawn care needs.  Our decades of combined experience allows us to bring time tested results to Parole properties.

If you are looking for a way to keep from filling your garage or shed with chemicals, gas and oil this year give us a call.  We can help you have more free time for family and hobbies instead of an aching back. Life has gotten busy in many cases and time is so important.  Leave the leaves, tree trimming, grass cutting, edging and mulching to us. We’re ready with time tested techniques and professional equipment to bring a great finished product to your lawn care.  Give our Parole Landscaping crew a call and free up your life once again.  We’ll start with a Free estimate. (410) 216-7825

Lawn Care Parole MD


March – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Grass Cutting this Spring

March is certainly going out like a lamb in Parole Maryland.  Our Parole Landscapers are enjoying the warmth and personal touch of helping with spring cleanup services.  Save your garage from a year of spilled gas, oil, dirt, fertilizer and sprays.  Allow our professionals to cut the grass, trim, edge, prune and enjoy your spring with friends and family.   If you are not looking forward to mowing the grass in Parole then give us a ring or drop us a line – online.  We’re ready to bring our time tested techniques to your property.  From a single residence to a HOA or commercial property we can can service you as we have so many in Parole Maryland.

Parole Maryland grass cutting company

Spring flowers are getting up and growing in the warm sunny places.  Daffodils are up and in good yellow and white colors.  Many other spring starts are growing.  If you are looking for a spring flower or plant bed give us a call.  We can bring the fresh mulch and get your trouble spots taken care of with our experienced Parole Landscapers.  If you’ve neglected the leaves, sticks and limbs in your yard we can help with a spring cleanup in Parole, MD.  Don’t wait, give us a call to get on the schedule and we’ll have you cleaned up and ready for spring in quick second.

Free Estimates  (410) 216-7825

February – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Lawn Mowers Ready for Spring

Getting ready for the grass mowers mowing, and the edgers edging, might seem to early for lawn care in Parole, Maryland.  Maybe you have experienced the frustration of pulling on the mower cord until it brakes.  Landscaping can be frustrating for a busy family.  We can certainly help to bring back your free time and remove that frustration for your yard work in Parole, MD.  Buying gas, driving it home (hoping not to spill).  Storing it without making your garage smell like fumes or being dangerous is enough to have many people calling and experience our lawn care services.

Parole MD LandscapersWe’ve helped many in Parole and we can help you too.  From homes to HOAs and even commercial properties we have the crews, experience, equipment and materials to bring 5 star, award winning services.  Keeping up with equipment can be tough for the homeowner, we have a crew designed and dedicated with our equipment.  Mulching is coming up soon along with trimming shrubs and bushes.

Make it a great year with a great looking lawn and time for hobbies and family this year.  Give us a call or contact us online for landscapers in Parole Maryland with a Free Estimate at (410) 216-7825

January – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscape Winter

We are seeing near record cold as landscapers in Parole Maryland.  However it won’t be long until you’ll have fresh mulch on your mind.  The smell of spring flowers and mulch will replace the ice and snow of January.  Plant beds can be a great addition to home and businesses.  It can change the first impression of a property.  Colors, depth and layers can help transform a bleak and dreary area into a focal point.  Sometimes grass mowers, fertilizer and aeration is not enough for high traffic areas.  Other times it is a low area where water pools and puddles create a muddy spot.  Changing these areas from an eye sore into a great focal point can be accomplished with a plant / flower bed.  A little preparation with our equipment and staff can make for a quick conversion.  Where this might take a homeowner with a shovel a long time we can handle the job quickly and with long lasting landscape results.

Landscaping in Parole Maryland

Give us a call for a Free Estimate on your spring planning and get on the schedule for mulch, mowing and all those lawn chores that take your free time from friends and family.  (410) 216-7825


December – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscape Services for Success

December is a great time for landscape planning in Parole Maryland.  Cleaning up the final leaves can help with PH levels and allow the little amount of sun in the Winter to get to your plants.  Allowing leaves, sticks, branches and dead limbs to lay on the lawn can damage and leave brown spots.  Parole has many great areas and our landscapers have helped with many transformations, we can help with yours as well.  The success that comes from good planning and forward thinking when it comes to landscape services.

Parole Landscapers with Free Estimates

You might enjoy landscape lighting to accent your great looking grass after a fresh grass cutting in Parole.  The spring is not far away when you think of the planning that is needed.  Taking the time to choose the colors, style and height of your flowers, plants and shape of flower beds can lead to success.  We can help with all your landscaping services like, tree, bush and shrub pruning.  Hardscaping can make a fire pit a reality and that is a lot of fun for many months of the year.  We can help with grass cutting, trimming and edging to bring back your free time and keep you from having to make trips to the gas station, spills of that gas and oil and finding a place to fix all that equipment.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate as your trusted professional landscapers in Parole MD.   (410) 216-7825

November – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscaping Leaf Raking Fall Cleanup

Landscapers in Parole Maryland are busy saving home owners, businesses, HOAs and Commercial property managers from Leaf Raking chores.  November in Parole can be filled with weekends and evenings trying to keep up with your leaves.  Too often than means sore muscles, aching back and blistered hands.  We can bring back your free time by bringing our fall cleanup for your leaves and fallen limbs.

landscapers in Parole MD

Landscaping and lawn care in Parole can go further than leaves and sticks.  Investing in your property can bring great returns when it comes to hardscaping areas with retaining walls, patios, decks and fire pits.  November usually starts with cool evenings and enjoying those with friends and family under a little landscape lighting can be a lot of fun.  Putting money back into your own home can be a great investment.  While you often see a gain when you sell your home you also get to enjoy the hardscaping project the time you live in it.  Cool evenings around a fire pit on a beautiful patio is a place to make memories.  We can help with all your landscaping in Parole Maryland from grass cutting, mowing and mulching to flower and plant beds with amazing colors.  Give us a call and get your Free Estimate for professional, licensed landscapers in Parole MD (410) 216-7825


October – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscaping Fall Tasks

Leaves are just starting to change colors and drop from their perches.  Parole Landscapers see this happening as we cut grass and see bugs start to reduce their numbers.  Soon fall temperatures will come rushing in and speed up the process.

This is a great time for scheduling 2 landscaping concepts: 1) Fall Cleanup & 2) Hardscaping Projects.

Parole Landscapers for the Fall

Fall Cleanup Landscaping Services in Parole, Maryland means planning for leaves and grass.  Instead of homeowners and businesses raking away their evenings and weekends you can give us a call and get on the schedule to have us take care of those “never ending” leaves.  Fall cleanup and service for your lawn care / grass should include aeration, seeding and fertilizing.  A little preparation in the fall means your grass will be ready for the harsh winter conditions as well as be prepped for the Spring.

Hardscaping projects in Parole Maryland can increase property values as well as reduce stress through a peaceful place to relax and unwind this fall.  Decks and patios can be built to make the backyard meeting place for friends and family.  Hardscaping creates spaces that keeps from ruining grass and creating “muddy,  grass worn” spots that last all year.  Fire pits and retaining walls can transform a space into a much more functional area than the “hill side” that makes an area uncomfortable or even unusable.

Allow our decades of combined experience to work for you in landscaping Parole, Maryland.  Let’s get the ball rolling with a Free Estimate: (410) 216-7825

September – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscaping Seeding, Aeration, Fertilizer

When you see a healthy landscape in Parole MD you can be sure that seeding, aeration and fertilizer was done properly.  We can help with all your lawn care chores and being prepared for the fall chores includes our local testing of grass seeds.  We test so that you don’t have to waste time and money on poor grass choices for Parole Maryland yards.  Those testing results can be put to work for your landscaping.  Having lush green grass which is able to last more harsh conditions is a great benefit of being prepared.

Parole Maryland landscapers for re-seeding lawn care

From Flower and Plant beds to keeping grass looking great we can bring our decades of combined experience. Investing in quality equipment and training has shown to bring higher results.  Aeration can do wonders for a yard “on the edge” of looking great.  With patchy brown spots and thick grass in other places a year can suffer to look and perform great.  Aeration can help to strengthen and grow roots deeper as water, nutrients and minerals are allowed to get deeper in the lawn.  Give us a call for a free estimate on all your landscaping needs in Parole MD.   (410) 216-7825


August – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscaping for Flora & Flooding

Being Parole Landscapers in the thunderstorms and flooding that Maryland’s summers can bring is a good challenge.  Parole is a great area, both waterfront and “inland” can have tremendous looking views and gorgeous landscapes.  Heavy rains can have an impact and cause storm damage cleanup needs. We can help with cleanup after a storm of limbs and trees which are down.  If you have standing water and poor drainage we can help with our experience crew to build the french drains, bio-swales or regrading that is needed.

Best landscapers in Parole MD

Those same storms that bring heavy rains also help to keep grass growing instead of going “brown.”  Great rainfall amounts can help flower beds to flourish so long as poor grading hasn’t washed “bark mulch” away.  Stone mulch may be needed in specific areas to handle some of the heaviest “wash-outs.”  With our decades of combined experience chance are we can handle any of your landscaping needs from grass cutting, landscape lighting, hardscaping, stone and mulch , storm cleanup, HOA, commercial property landscaping to complete landscape design in Parole Maryland.

Call (410) 216-7825 for a FREE Estimate


July – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscaping to Save Time and Money

July is here and hiring a professional landscaper in Parole Maryland can mean saving your time and effort.  Being able to take the time to enjoy the summer with time at the beach or the mountains may be the best choice for you.  Saving your time by skipping pushing the lawn mower to cut the grass, trips to pickup gas, oil, fertilizer and edging line may even end up saving your money.  The cost of purchasing, maintaining and storing landscaping equipment year round can get expensive and time consuming.  We can help with trusted landscapes in Parole, Maryland.

Landscapers Parole Maryland

Having your quality of life instead of pushing a lawn mower can mean time with your toes in the sand.  We really enjoy landscaping and have the expensive, impressive equipment to provide your landscaping services.  Let us do what we do best.  Keep great looking yards with personal service and lawn care in Parole, MD.

If you are looking for mulching, grass mowers, tree trimming, stone installation, landscape lighting, design or a wide range of hardscaping like retaining walls, patios, decks, fencing and more we can be your trusted resource.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate to become your trusted landscapers in Parole MD.  (410) 216-7825

June – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

 Landscaping Colors

Brilliant green grass mowing, colorful landscaping baskets, plant and flower beds and fragrant mulch are helping landscapers in Parole Maryland.  Tree and shrub trimming has helped to create well shaped, attractive landscape components.  Lawn care has increased with the amounts of rain and sunshine this June.

Landscape Parole, Maryland

Grass cutting with the proper techniques can be through the rains of spring.  Heavy rains can cause lawns to grow quickly and cutting at the wrong time with heavy equipment can damage low “swampy” parts of lawns.  Having the experience in Maryland means that we can help with timing.

Lawn Mowers Parole Maryland

Hardscaping projects are growing in popularity as we all invest in our existing homes and property.  We can help with decks, patios, retaining walls and other hardscaping projects. We bring our decades of combined experience to your home, business, commercial property or HOA to lend a hand in providing cutting edge landscape services in Parole, Maryland.  Free Estimates: (410) 216-7825

Late May – HOA Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

Home Owners Associations Landscaping

When you’re in charge of your HOA’s landscaping, all you want is to find a good, dependable company that can do it all, so that your life is a little easier. Look no further than our Parole Maryland landscapers. Over the years, we’ve worked on individual homes, communities,HOAs and businesses. You don’t get that kind of experience unless you have an ongoing list of happy clients that keep requesting and recommending your services. Your neighborhood will be in great hands. From aerating in the spring, to removing snow in the winter, there’s something that needs to be done every season and there are plenty of ways our Parole Maryland landscapers can help.Parole Maryland Landscape

Together, we can sit down and discuss the services that you’re looking to have completed, allowing us to come up with a schedule that will leave your property looking great. We’re prepped with the knowledge and geared up with the right equipment, so that we can easily start sprucing up your space. Between attracting new buyers and making existing ones feel comfortable, there’s a lot riding on keeping your HOA’s landscape looking great. With all the tasks that go into creating a lively neighborhood you could find yourself having to hire multiple groups just to complete all the jobs. When you work with our Parole Maryland landscapers though you don’t have to do that. Call today to find out all that we can do for you and your community. Free Estimate (410) 216-7825


Early May – Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401

Landscaping for Weeding and Mulching

You don’t have to be a long time gardener/landscaper to know what a headache weeds can be. Our Parole MD landscapers can assist with your weed management to hopefully make lawn care more enjoyable again. Unfortunately, there’s not one method that seems to get rid of weeds for good, but there are a few different services we offer that have been known to decrease the amount of weeds in customers’ lawns. The first thing we can do is apply mulch. Not only does mulch protect plants’ roots from harsh weather conditions, but it’s also a great way to hinder the growth of weeds. Our landscapers can determine what the best type of mulch for your flower beds would be, encouraging the growth of flowers, while discouraging weed growth.Best landscapers Parole Maryland

Our Parole MD landscapers can also go all in by applying weed services to give your flower and plants more of a fighting chance. For those starting their yard off with the bare minimum we do offer sod application and while you may only think of sod as a way to get a green lawn, it’s also a great way to start your yard off weed-free. If nothing else seems to take care of the issue, then we can handle the weeding with advanced techniques. While weeding on your own may be a tedious time wasting weekend, we’re equipped for the job. Our lawn care maintenance is a full service that takes care of many aspects of your yard, including weeds. From the most avid gardeners to the beginners, everyone has troubles with weeds. Battle back today by partnering with our Parole MD landscapers.  Free Estimate (410) 216-7825

Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401 – Late April

Landscaping for Lawn Mowing and Mulching

The springtime provides a great opportunity to start fresh with your lawn and with the help of our Parole MD landscapers it couldn’t be easier. We know exactly what your yard needs, so that it gets the TLC it requires after a long, cold season. Over the winter it’s easy to put off yard chores because of the cold temperatures. Maybe there’s still some leaves leftover from fall, or some fallen branches or twigs from a rough winter storm. When they’re left here and there these things may not seem like a big deal, but they can quickly clutter your property. Not only does this make the appearance of your yard less than desirable, but it could also be harmful to grass growth as well. We can clean up this debris, making sure your lawn is free and clear of unwanted yard waste. Something else that will bring your landscaping back to life is mulching.

Landscapers Parole MD

Our Parole Maryland landscapers can stir and rake existing mulch and replace as needed to de-clump and eliminate mold. We can also apply a new layer or even create spaces for Flower and plant beds to freshen things up a this spring. Mulching is an integral piece for every successful garden.

Beginning with Lawn Maintenance to save your time and look great. To finish off we can seed, aerate and fertilize lawns at the proper times of the year. After a few consecutive cold months the ground can be dry and hard, making it more difficult for new grass to take root and grow. Aerating will help to open up the soil, bringing it back to life. Because aerating loosens up the dirt, nutrients have an easier time making their way to the base of the grass, which means watering and fertilizing become more effective. Reviving a lawn after a long winter can be tough work, especially after months of snow and ice. We’ve been helping customers with their lawns since 2001, so we know the steps necessary to getting yards back up to standard after facing cold temperatures. Reach out to our Parole, MD landscapers today to talk more about how we can get your lawn spring ready.

We’ll earn your trust with a Free Estimate (410) 216-7825

Landscapers and Lawn Care in Parole MD 21401 – Early April

Landscaping for Grass Cutting and Hardscaping

Grass cutting and lawn care is a large part of the services we provide in Parole.  Edging, trimming, trees shrubs, aerating, fertilizing and seeding can make for a beautiful landscape. Retaining walls are a perfect example of when function meets design. Our landscapers in Parole MD can add retaining walls to your backyard that not only serve a purpose beyond aesthetics, but also blend in with the rest of the space’s design. Retaining walls can be beneficial in many types of backyards and can fulfill multiple jobs. For the family that loves to garden and plant, retaining walls can be used as a barrier for gardens and beds, keeping in mulch and keeping others out. A raised garden is great way to keep critters and guests from trampling around. These walls are also an ideal option if you’re looking to prevent soil erosion. This is especially helpful for homeowners with sloped backyards.

Lawn Care Parole MD 21401 Our Parole landscapers can easily draft and construct an effective arrangement that will keep soil in place. Building retaining walls is a multi-step process that requires the help of professionals to ensure that everything is done properly. With 17 years of experience under our belt there’s no group in Anne Arundel & Howard county that is more trusted. Don’t limit yourself to retaining walls, think about all of the other hardscaping possibilities as well. You could add a fire pit or walkway, maybe even a patio. You’re backyard will be the hottest spot in the neighborhood. Our talented Parole landscapers can easily complete this job, as well as any other hardscaping projects you may be thinking of doing in your backyard.

Ready? We’ll earn your trust with a Free Estimate (410) 216-7825