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The right landscape design should complement your property’s appearance while meeting your needs and preferences in terms of outdoor living space and maintenance requirements. When you work with Laser Cut Property Services, you’ll work with a professional landscaper near Annapolis to develop and implement the perfect landscaping plan for your property.


The Basics of Landscape Design

Landscaping refers to the modification of your property by changing the terrain and adding plants, pathways, or structures to create a functional and aesthetically-pleasing yard. All buildings, from residential homes and communities to shopping centers and commercial office complexes, can benefit from the addition of appropriate landscaping elements.

  • The field of landscape design focuses on evaluating property and developing a landscaping layout that improves curb appeal and meets the occupants’ functional needs. A landscape design plan may include planting trees, shrubs, flowers, or grass, as well as creating ponds, decks, patios, and walkways.
  • Landscape design also takes into account how changes in the terrain through the addition of greenery or structures will affect characteristics such as stability and drainage. When necessary, further modifications are made to accommodate any changes that may occur.
  • The ultimate design of your landscaping should complement your property’s exterior in a way that feels like a smooth transition between the building its surroundings. Landscape design focuses on how to achieve an appealing landscape using materials and plants that are both functionally appropriate and mesh well with your preferences and style.

Factors That Affect Landscape Design

Landscape design is the first step in improving or updating your residential or commercial landscaping for greater curb appeal and property value. During the landscape design phase, you and your professional landscaper will take several factors into account to create a layout that features everything you want.

  1. The current shape, size, and terrain of your property will play a significant role in your ultimate landscape design. Unwanted slopes and features can be eliminated, but it’s important to understand how this will affect the cost, projected completion time, and outcome of your landscape design.
  2. The amount of time and money you want to spend on lawn care will also affect your ultimate landscaping design. Your landscaper will take your preferences into consideration to create a design that meets your budget and time needs.
  3. The way in which you will use your property also contributes to the best landscape design for you. An outdoor living space requires a different layout and hardscaping elements than a yard that features mainly greenery and gardens.


Laser Cut Property Services is pleased to offer both residential landscaping and commercial landscaping solutions and services near Annapolis. You can reach us to discuss landscape design, lawn maintenance, and more by calling (410) 216-7825