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The term mulch refers to any material that is spread over planting beds in a landscape design to provide insulation, drainage, and nutrients for the plants. Stones and organic mulch are two popular materials featured in modern landscape design. At Laser Cut Property Services, we are dedicated to helping you find a landscape design that improves the look and comfort of your property; we are also pleased to offer landscaping services near Annapolis, Saint Margarets, Arnold, Severna Park, Crownsville, Millersville, Crofton, Columbia, Severn, Odenton, Bowie, Savage / Guilford, Parole, Gambrills MD,   that include lawn care, commercial grounds keeping, and mulch and stone installation.

Popular Uses for Stone and Mulch

Most landscaping projects can make use of either stone or mulch in planting beds and other features. Before your landscape design can be installed, you’ll need to determine which material you want to use. It’s important to consider the characteristics of each option; in certain cases, these two materials can be used in different areas of the same landscape design for greater versatility, aesthetics, and convenience.

  • Stones are ideal for areas that are prone to moisture in your yard. Because mulch is an organic material that can decompose or invite fungal growth, landscaping stones or gravel are often a smarter choice when landscaping areas such as ponds, pools, and low-lying drainage features. Stones may also be a better choice in areas that sit against your home’s foundation, as the ground beneath stones and gravel retains much less water than the soil beneath a layer of mulch.
  • The price of mulch is typically less than the price of stones and gravel; thus, mulch is a popular choice in large planting beds due to cost. If you are landscaping a large yard or trying to stick to a stricter budget, choosing mulch for your landscaping can help you minimize the costs associated with planting beds. Mulch can also be easier to maintain over a larger scale, as it is less likely to show debris and can be easily raked back into place.

Caring for Your Stone and Mulch

Keeping your landscaping tidy will maintain the look of your property and protect buildings and plants from issues such as poor drainage, pests, and weeds. Working with an experienced lawn maintenance service near Annapolis can help you save time, money, and effort when installing or caring for your landscaping. Mulch should be raked or turned several times each year to prevent clumping and water retention, while landscaping stones and gravel can be weeded by hand and cleared of debris with a leaf blower. Your landscaping service can also apply specialized products to prevent weed and wildflower growth in stone beds. Please call Laser Cut Property Services today at (410) 216-7825 to discuss stone and mulch installation and lawn services today.